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Alumna Project: The Mystery of Marie Jocelyne

The above video advertises the Kickstarter campaign of “The Mystery of Marie Jocelyne”, a documentary created by Dan Nuxoll and Martha Shane ’05 as they try to track down a mysterious woman named Marie who has been the perpetrator of dozens of cases of fraud across the globe. The more I read about this project on the Kickstarter page and in this blog post about the story on the Wall Street Journal, the more intrigued I became. I sent Martha some questions about her time at Wesleyan, what she’s been doing since, and this film in particular. That interview is lying in wait past the jump. Be sure to also read the “about this project” section on the Kickstarter page and, if you feel inclined to help out a Wes alum, toss a few dollars their way. The project has 11 days to get about $12,000 and could really use your help.