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New Heems “Soup Boys (Pretty Drones)” [Video]

Heems ’07 just came out with a music video for his politically poignant drone song that is also about picking up hot girls. Spoiler alert: There are two Himanshu Suris, one maybe more blazed than the other, kind of dancing in front of a montage of NYC and South Asia scenery and news clips about drones. Obama is in there somewhere; so are some drone pilots who are quiet suburbanites by day, but stealthy killers by night. There is probably an important metaphor in this song about the word “drone” replacing “girl/lady.” Keep in mind that the whole video was filmed in front of a green screen, which makes Heems’s dancing goofier than it already is. Here is a bonus track.

Evan Huggins ’10 Releases New Music

Evan Huggins ’10 writes in to share some of his recent music. Since graduation, he’s  launched his own record label called Black Case Recordings, and is in the process of releasing new material. He’s currently working as a DJ, producer, and songwriter, as well as for other indie artists and labels. 

Huggins DJs at The Shadow Room on Main Street and is seeking opportunities to DJ events on campus. While at Wesleyan, he recorded with Anthony Edwards ’10 and Matt Narkus ’11, including this track.

His records contain original lyrics and vocal production, but musical production from other sources – one most notably being Deadmau5. They’re precursors for the Urban R&B and House EP that his label will release, tentatively titled “Urban House.”


“Can’t Get Enough”

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/36560024″ iframe=”true” /]

“Test Me”
[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/27953615″ iframe=”true” /]


Seretan ’10 Skips Superbowl, Records Fantastic Record

What would you do if you were Ben Seretan ’10?

What a month it’s been for Wesleyan musical ghosts of semesters past. Prog/jam/funktastic homeys Ishmael reemerged with announcement of a new EP (later previewed on WESU) and a date at Earth House to boot. Mad Wow, back from its Last Show Ever, brought its distinctive funk-inf(l)ected strain of Mad Wow Disease to Alpha Delt just last weekend. Duchampion alumnus Asa Horvitz ’10 popped up in Eclectic Haus last Saturday, fronting new project Point Reyes just before Nat Baldwin took the stage. And now fellow Duchampion guitarist/singer/general ass-kicker Ben Seretan ’10 is back in action with a fantastic collection of sprawling, reverby, mostly solo compositions entitled New Space.

Seretan recorded the entire thing, mostly by himself, at a friend’s studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn during the Superbowl. (According to an entirely scientific, infallible Wesleying poll, at least a quarter of readers didn’t watch the Superbowl. If any of you freaks recorded anything as mesmerizing as “What Would You Do If You Were Me?” during that time block, I’d like to hear it.)