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Mad Men Returns

The fifth season of Mad Men airs tonight after an 18-month-long hiatus. Creator Matthew Weiner ’87 has done a good job of keeping the details of the new season under wraps, but it’s easy to predict what may go down.
The last season ended in 1965, so the fifth will take us into the following year. The Civil Rights Movement will be a prominent backdrop for the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce men, as will Vietnam and Women’s rights. As phrased in the Washington Post:

The contrast is sharper now — the psychological gloom within Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce clashes with the verging sense of psychedelia just beyond Madison Avenue.

***Spoiler Alert for those of you who aren’t caught up, but there are fun links at the end of the post.

Draper Lives – Three More Mad Men

Nope, it ain’t an April Fool’s joke. Yeap, it’s pretty darn awesome.

The last time we checked in on Matthew Weiner ’87‘s America of hats and suits, there was much uncertainty over the show’s future – an unfortunate situation that stemmed from various in-studio disagreements regarding things like the show’s product placement policy and a melange of casting-budget issues. All that’s out of the way now, with all parties coming together on a nice 3-season renewal and with Mr. Weiner walking away with $30 million contract in the pocket (as Keanu Reeves would put it: Whoaaa…..LY SHIT).

Weiner has additionally signaled that these three seasons will be the final chapters of the show. He says in an interview:


“These will be the last 3 seasons” of the period drama, Weiner said. “I’m going to take it one year at a time without the distraction to ever have to go through this again,” he added, referring to the long, tense renegotiations. “I’m incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support and overwhelmed that I get to finish telling the stories I want to tell.”

As for the premiere date, details remain sketchy – although it will skip its usual summer start date. According to the New York Times,

(Weiner) indicated that AMC planned all along for the show to skip its usual summer premiere this year. “In October, I was told that the show would be on in March 2012,” he said, adding that his attempts to move up the start of the fifth season were stymied. The reason, according to AMC, was that it had other shows in its production pipeline.

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I’m pretty psyched about this. It’s pretty damn hard to find good role models these days. Happy April 1st, folks!