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Who says television isn’t educational?

Those of you who read the Wayside School trilogy likely remember Mrs. Jewls’ belief that if her students learned three new things every day, they would eventually learn everything there is to know. Here at Wesleying, we heartily endorse that belief as part of our efforts to combat winter break brain rot. So without further ado, we present not three, not four, but five(!) facts of our own:

The first and last clips are from my own tapes; the middle two are from YouTube. Also, the second clip is not from Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?, but its significantly lamer successor, Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego?

And to those of you fretting about the GPA carnage of last semester, this should make you feel much, much better about yourselves.

[EDIT] Whoops. I didn’t realize you couldn’t view a private embedded video. Problem solved.

[/edit by Ben, 2:25 PM]