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WesAmnesty Letter Writing for Immigration Reform

If you want to make your letter look super official and revolutionary-era, you can do this.

Some activism with your coffee in light of recent events, from Samara Ressler ’13:

Want to have a say in immigration reform? Want to make sure legislation passed takes into account human rights? Come write a letter to congress members on Thursday night outside Espwesso from 9-11 and let your voice be heard.

There will be a 25-cent drink discount for the first 50 people who write letters!

Date: Tonight, February 28th
Time: 9-11pm
Place: Outside Espwesso
Cost: -25 cents, possibly

First WesAmnesty Meeting

Amnesty International

Courtesy of Lina Breslav ’13:

Do you want to join an awesome group on campus this semester, meet
other people who care about human rights, and do something that really
makes a difference?

Spring is here and regardless of whether this is your second or last semester at Wesleyan, WesAmnesty would love to have you join us in fighting for human rights internationally!

It’s a time commitment of one hour a week, plus voluntary event sign-ups.

Email us if you can’t make the first meeting, and we’ll fill you in on the deets

Date: Wednesday, February 13th
Time: 5-6 PM
Place: 265 Pine
Contact: lbreslav(at)wesleyan(dot)edu

Amnesty Bake Sale Wednesday Night


Amnesty International supports your right to delicious cookies!  Stop by Exley from 9-12 on Wednesday for some scrumptious, homemade, ostensibly human rights-themed edibles!   Not only will you be filling your stomach with sugary goodness but you’ll also be helping us work for a safer, fairer world for all people.

Date: Wednesday Oct. 21
Time: 9:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Place: Exley – Hallway outside of SciLi