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Like what you see above? Want to size up members of the New England Small College Athletic Conference? Enjoy deconstructing the creative lineage of Post-Linus critical theory? Want to expose Michael Roth’s nipples and liven up your sex life? Dying to trip with Tryptophantasm? Just thirsty for breast milk? Still trying to find out where the Destiny’s Child concert is?

Join the Wesleyan Ampersand, the humor component of the Wesleyan Argus. Find us tomorrow, September 8, at 4:30 outside Allbritton (or on the fourth floor if the weather blows). Snacks will be provided, both sweet and savoury.

Skidmore…Has Sex!

Turns out that the students of yet another institution of higher learning also have sex. In keeping with the efforts of Wesleyan Uncut and those of the Oberlin Sexual Information Center, a group of students at Skidmore College declared their support for Planned Parenthood and Title X with a similar video (check that shoutout at the end):

Additionally, the folks at Dizzy Peoples Comedy lent their own unique brand of advocacy to the cause with the following parody — upon viewing it, you might recall the Ampersand’s take on this shizz.

From The Vaults: Carter Bays, Amper Editor

Everyone knows Carter Bays ’97, Emmy-nominated co-creator, writer, and executive producer (with Craig Thomas ’97) of How I Met Your Mother, went to Wesleyan. The guy won’t let you forget it: the show’s riddled with Wes references, from fictional alumni to shout-outs to “McConaughey Dining Hall” (whose demolition, by the way, Bays avidly supported—go figure).

Far fewer know how he got his start in comedy writing: before HIMYM, and before his first post-Wes day job with The Late Show with David Letterman, Bays served a brief but memorable stint as editor of the Ampersand. (Naturally, this means I, too, will conveniently waltz into a nationally successful television career upon graduation. Thanks, fate.) Last year the Argus‘s HIMYM Diaries column dredged up a few amusing selections from Bays’ Amper tenure. When he finally granted the interview, the producer expressed embarrassment: “I just can’t read that stuff again.”

Mr. Dave Goes to Thailand

’10 alum faithfully reports “What Happens on the Other Side of the World.”

Dave Wolovsky ’10, whom you might remember as editor of the Ampersand, Giant Joint dissenter, and occasional Kung Fu master, is currently spending the year teaching English in Khon Kaen, Thailand and blogging his experience. This might not be such notable news in and of itself, except that Dave (a) has never before left the United States, (b) is an excellent writer, and (c) filters his observations through the same wry, entertaining wit that characterized The Ampersand during Dave’s tenure (and maybe possibly still does). He’s been blogging his experiences here, where he shares alarming experiences at Thai urinals, and how his blog got the URL davingdirty.blogspot.com.

So check it out. It’s Fall Break. What else are you gonna do? Work?

(Side note: Wesleying realizes that many of our readers are currently abroad and blogging the experience of leaving the Wesleyan bubble. We also realize that tons of Wes students aren’t abroad, but still blog about cool and interesting and worthwhile things. Consider this an open call for student blog submissions—if you have a blog worth sharing with Wesleying readers, send the link and any pertinent description to staff(at)wesleying(dot)org. Also, enjoy the rest of your break—we’ll be back to normal posting capacity on Wednesday.)

Ampersand is Online, Is “Pretty Chill/Sweet”

Ampersand editor and all around great guy Piers Gelly ’13 writes in about the online edition of The Ampersand:

I just put the new Ampersand issue on the blog. I don’t know if it’s some sort of internet-journalistic conflict of interests, but do you think we could link to the Ampersand blog on a Wesleying post? That would be pretty chill/sweet.

Freshpeoples: The Ampersand is the satire section of The Argus, published on the back page each Tuesday and produced independently of Argus operations. Some information from Piers and Ben if you’d like to get involved:

Our first meeting of the year, which is a great time to show up and bring friends, will take place tomorrow (Sunday) at 2:00 PM. As advertised, there will be sweet and savoury snacks. Location: floor III of Albritton (the building near PAC and 200 Church on Church St). Subsequent meetings will most likely not be on Sunday. We will discuss the impending Tuesday issue, what you can do for the &, why we want you, why you want us, and the many benefits of nipple extractors. Don’t be afraid to stop by because we are literally a joke.

Here’s the link. Full disclosure: I write for The Ampersand. I, too, think it’s pretty chill/sweet. So enjoy, or report me to the internet-journalistic integrity police, whatever.

Mytheos to Wes: “You Been Trolled, Bitches”

The title of this post is the headline of an entirely satirical Ampersand piece I wrote a few weeks ago, wherein Mytheos Holt ’10 declares himself “the ultimate troll”  and reveals his entire conservative persona to be “a sick four-year-long joke”:

“You been trolled, bitches!” announced the History and Government double major in a final Mytheology column, entitled Wesleyan Viewed From The LOLZ. “The school is my ACB, and my reCAPTCHA is ‘gullible as fuck.’ What now!”

Minor semantics adjustment aside, it’s also the title of Holt’s final Mytheology column—you know, the real one, in the Argus—and if you’ll permit me one fantasy, I’d like to imagine Holt faithfully included my “bitches” postscript before some squeamish section editor put hir foot down.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave when satire and reality intertwine. Like when my daily Onion calendar bears startling parallels to my actual daily life. Or when I satirically label as satire what is revealed, in some twisted, convoluted way, to be nothing more than satire. Past on Film students will recognize Žižek‘s notion of double-deception: “only man can deceive by feigning to deceive.” But only the Ampersand can do it by accident.

Ampersand is online, funny

ampersandThe Ampersand, an afterthought in the back pages of the Argus in previous years, is actually consistently funny this semester. And now it’s online!

If your attention span is still too narrow to reach it in the print version of the Argus, check out the Ampersand blog for some quality time-wasting.

Some recent gems: Genderfucking American Girl Doll, Freshman orientation Do’s and Don’ts, and Post-Post-Meta-Modern Art Installation on Foss Hill.

Ampersand Blog

Ampersand Staff Meeting

Dave Wolovsky ’10, the editor of the Ampersand (humor page in the Argus), is holding a staff meeting:

Do you like to write funny stuff? Don’t answer that. Do you feel the urge to reproduce? Artistically, that is. Join us, the Ampersand writers, in our first meeting of the year! Writing for the Ampersand is not only fun, but dangerous and sexy.
WHERE: 76 Lawn Ave (right behind the Science Center)
WHEN: Thursday September 10th, 4:30 PM
WHAT: You know what.
WHY: Because.
WHY: Stop it.
WHY: Seriously.