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M-Link Schedule

Middletown Area Transit MAT M-LinkOne of the biggest accomplishments of the WSA last year, at least from my perspective, was getting the M-Link to stop on campus.  The “M-Link Middletown/Meriden Connection” is a bus service provided by Middletown Area Transit (MAT).  For a town that’s loosely in the middle of New York and Boston, loosely in the middle of New Haven and Hartford, and even has middle in it’s name, you ironically can’t seem to get anywhere without a car.

M-Link William Street and High StreetWith the introduction of M-Link, you can now easily access shopping areas like Washington Plaza, the Westfield Mall, and the ever controversial Walmart for $1.25 (in change). Thats a dollar less than in New York, 75 cents less than in San Francisco, and 25 cents less than on-board in Boston–more money to waste.  If you really want to get away from Wes, you can get to the Meriden Station and catch Amtrak six days a week.

Because the MAT web site does not appear to have an updated schedule, below is the new timetable.  Note that all times are approximate, and you should arrive five minutes early to be safe. [Please click ‘Read More’ if you’re viewing this from the Wesleying homepage.]

[Schedule provided by WSA’s Zach Malter ’13]