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An Assortment of Crayons Produce “Epic Musical Excursions of Synthesized Shredding Funk

“Swung Funk Rock with a touch of Math and the kitchen sink”

An Assortment of Crayons, otherwise known as “those dudes who were going to open for Ishmael that one time when ‘bureaucratic bullshit’ got in the way,” has an album out. Though plagued by misfortune, that lineup made good sense. Like Ishmael, AAOC favor jamming over jangly guitars, and they’re unafraid list Phish as a key influence (“The Shelf” and “To Trust a Stranger” are especially indicative).

If those elements sound innocent enough to you, check the album out on SoundCloud, where it’s available for free streaming. It’s titled Styles, and members have labeled it “EPIC MUSICAL EXCURSIONS OF Synthesized shredding funk soulful space odyssey of jazzy rock.” Jack Singer ’15, the only WesKid in the band, emailed me with some further information on the history of the band:

Ishmael: The Psi-U Files

Frippian Euphoric Post-Funk Survives “Bureaucratic Bullshit”

“You can’t evict an idea.” So read one of the picket signs at Thursday’s protest (with more colorful lettering, I’ll concede), and that seems a fairly accurate summation of last night’s Eclectic/Psi U Ishmael Progrockstravaganza. When Ishmael‘s long-awaited homecoming with An Assortment of Crayons at Eclectic was cancelled at the last minute due to “bureaucratic bullshit” (disclaimer: I have no idea what went down), Psi U warmly invited the band onto the bill of its charity concert (disclaimer: I have no idea what went down). What survived was a thoroughly reinvigorating 45 minutes of proggy interplay, epic vocal acrobatics, twisted time signatures, and well-honed fuzz explosions. They don’t play at Wes too often these days (Earth House in September, MuHo last spring), but when they do, it’s really a delight. (“Lets still fuck this shit up!” indeed.)

As always, Ishmael is Jordan Lewis ’13, Andy Werle ’12, Nick Otte, and Aaron Silberstein. Photos of the set appear below. Additionally, the band is playing Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory on Saturday the 26th (that’s next week) and assures us that a release of sorts is soon to come. (Additionally additionally, if anyone has visual, aural, or verbal testimonies of the other bands who performed on the Psi-U bill [sadly, I don’t], cordially fill out our Comment Release Form below or write us at staff[at]wesleying[dot]org.)