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Engineering Metaphors for Experience: Info Session

Partners-in-crime/blood brothers/occasional roommates Anastasis Germanidis ’13 and Shivan Bhavnani ’13 have been planning this student forum for a while, and finally it’s happening. Consciousness Club and Wesleyan Transhumanists alumni particularly welcome to come:

Engineering Metaphors for Experience (PHIL420) is a student forum about concepts: the ways we consume them, the ways we produce them, the things they do to us, the things we can do with them. We will read texts from fields as diverse as the philosophy of mind, cognitive science, anthropology, media studies, comparative mythology, linguistics, the history of science, and user interface design. In addition, we will experiment with techniques of imparting information that may not have been tried before.

The forum will be worth one full credit. We will meet on Monday nights from 7 to 8:30 PM. If you’re interested or vaguely intrigued, come to our informational meeting this Monday in PAC 002.

Date: Monday, Jan. 30
Time: 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Place: PAC 02
Cost: tsoC

Music Of Places: An Anastasis Germanidis ’13 Production

“Sometimes I feel like interfaces are better than stories. Sometimes the opposite.”

Anastasis “Anne Solo” Germanidis ’13, resident Comp Sci genius, MicroKorg soloist, Wesleyan Transhumanist, and part-time llama whisperer (above), sends in a new creation of coding ingenuity. It’s called Music Of Places and, frankly, it’s everything it says it is: an interactive interface that allows the user to type in a location of hir choice and immediately hear music by an artist native to that location. (The main artist that pops up when you type in Middletown is Edensong, which, according to Wiki, was formed at Wesleyan in 2002. No sign of MGMT, Das Racist, or the other usual suspects, maybe because they’re more often listed as being based in Brooklyn. MGMT eventually popped up when I typed in New York, though.)