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First Meeting of Animal Rights Student Group

cowFrom PHARAL Wes:

Whether you deeply care about animal rights, are a casual vegetarian, or just want to be part of a friendly, compassionate, and environmentally conscious community, you should come to the very first meeting of Wesleyan’s new Animal Rights Student Group. We will discuss the the aims and philosophy of the group but also take time to get to know one another and build a caring and positive foundation.

Even if you have never even pondered the ethics of animal rights, please come, for we will be dedicated to discussing and raising awareness about the condition of our fellow earthlings.

Date: Wednesday, October 1
Time: 6-7 PM
Place: 200 Church

Food Justice, Sustainability, and Sovereignty at Wesleyan and Beyond Student Forum Interest Meeting!

cats-and-veggiesFrom Noelle Hiam ’15 and Rachel Lindy ’15:

Do you eat food? Ever wonder where your food comes from? Are you interested in animals rights and/or environmental or social justice? If so, come to the interest meeting for the Food Justice, Sustainability, and Sovereignty forum this Monday evening at 7:00. There will be free snacks.

Date: Monday, January 27
Time: 7 PM – 8:30 PM
Place: Usdan 108

The PETA Debate: Is Eating Meat Ethical?

From Dylan Turmeque ’13:

Have you ever sneered at the vegan section of Usdan as you waited in line for your Philly cheese steak? Have you ever felt an overwhelming sense of guilt when you realized you enjoyed your breakfast sandwich a little too much?

Whatever the reason, The Woodrow Wilson Debate Society invites you to come by and devour the verbal feast that will occur when we takes on Bruce Friedrich of PETA on whether eating meat is ethical.

Be prepared to leave filled with information that may make you reconsider your eating habits, or affirm them!

See you there!

Date:   April 16
Time:   1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Place:  200 Church

Sarah Palin Encourages Aerial Wolf Hunting, Ignores Animal Rights

Governor Sarah Palin supports the use of aerial wolf hunting as a means to curb the wolf population in Alaska. This tactic known as “predator control” is designed to boost the wolves prey population of caribou and moose. However, many question the rationale behind the wolves’ systematic extermination. Accusations have been made that the measure clears the path for hunters to not only kill the wolves but also increases the population of game for sport hunting. With the reduction of the wolf population and influx of game population overgrazing occurs, which weakens plant supply and increases possible disease outbreaks.

Palin has already spent $400,000 on a campaign to preserve the practice. Additionally, much of Alaska’s appeal to tourists is based on its natural wildlife including wolves, bears and caribou, not hunting. An article from the Washington Independent provides these chilling facts:

In a program begun by ex-Gov. Frank Murkowski, and intensified by Palin, Alaska has sponsored the aerial hunting of more than 800 wolves since 2002 — out of a state population of perhaps 9,000. Pilots chase the wolves through the deep snow, sometimes for miles, until the exhausted animals have slowed enough to be blown away with shotguns. Then the plane lands and finishes the job, unless the wounded wolf has managed to crawl into the deep woods to bleed to death in solitude.

Palin, who won office with the support of powerful hunting groups, has intensified the “cull.” She pushed to offer a bounty to hunters who brought in a left wolf paw (lopped off with a chain saw) and extended the kill order to grizzly and black bears — including sows and their cubs. Before a state court ruled the practice illegal, she offered a bounty of $150 for every slain wolf.

Watch this video from the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund, which raises the question: “do we really want a Vice President who champions such savagery?”

Go to Wesleyan’s homepage to register to vote.