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Call for Applications: EcoFeminist Summer Internship Experience Grant

Do you have an interest and background in FGSS? Do you have an idea for a project this summer, but still need support and funding? FGSS and Wesleyan Animal Studies (WAS) are calling for applications for the Ecofeminist Summer Internship Experience Grant:
The Grant provides up to $3,000 for students working on intersectional issues addressing gender, sexuality, race, class, and species.  Students must have a faculty sponsor and ideally, the Grant will support an experience (travel for research, an internship, or other summer project) that will contribute to their senior essay or thesis.  
Application Process:
The deadline for applications is, by noonMonday, February 27, 2017.  Student applications are to be delivered to FGSS AA Jen Enxuto  (jenxuto[at]wesleyan[dot]edu) and should be accompanied by a statement of support from the faculty sponsor and an additional letter of recommendation by another professor.  The application should include a title, description of project, proposed timeline and detailed budget.
Grants can be combined with other funding, as long as the other funding source allows.  Grants will typically not exceed $3,000.
Recipients of the EcoFeminist Grant must submit a brief report upon completion of the project detailing how this grant enhanced their project, accomplishments and how the funds were used.
Eligibility:  Undergraduates who will be rising juniors or rising seniors by the start date of the grant (Summer 2017) are eligible to apply.  Students should have an FGSS background, but need not be majors. Notification of the grant award will be made in April 2017.

Animal Studies Takes Center Stage in Wes’ Humanities Classes

Wesleyan, according to reputable mainstream media sources, is again on the cutting edge of academia: no longer just the “epicenter of surrealist Brooklyn pop” or breeding ground for a rising film mafia, we are apparently also pioneers in what the New York Times identifies as “the growing, but still undefined, field of animal studies,” which seems to connote “anything that has to do with the way humans and animals interact.” Not that there’s anything especially new about that—except the Times notes a particularly striking surge of interest, particularly among the humanities, where, traditionally, “monkey chow is never served and all the mazes are made of words, the attention of scholars was firmly fixed on humans.”

Today, not so. Right. And Wesleyan is at the center of all this interest (and not just because you fulfilled your NSM credits by looking at pictures of saki monkeys in Biodiversity). (Well, that was me.) Dartmouth may boast offering an English class with the name “Animals and Women in Western Literature: Nags, Bitches and Shrews,” but Wesleyan now offers a summer fellowship program in conjunction with the Animals and Society Institute, which presently lists over 100 animal studies courses at various colleges and universities nationwide nationwide. Professor Lori Gruen, Philosophy chair, coordinates this program and has much to say about the links between animal studies and philosophy scholarship:

Lori Gruen, head of the philosophy department at Wesleyan and coordinator of the summer fellowship program in animal studies there, said one of the major questions in philosophy was “Who should we direct our moral interest to?” Thirty years ago, she said, animals were at the margins of philosophical discussions of ethics; now “the animal question is right in the center of ethical discussion.”

Bronx Zoo Trip Full

Sorry everyone, but the WSA and Animal Studies sponsored trip to the Bronx Zoo is full!  More than enough people have already emailed the WSA since registration opened at 9PM tonight.

If you still want to hang out on April 22nd though, don’t worry.  Movie Night on Foss is still on, and everyone can come to that.