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Photo Evidence: Therapy Dogs Come to Zelnick

Puppies on Fountain, puppies on Vine, puppies on Warren, puppies on Pine. Puppies on Hodgekiss, puppies on Hodgekiss, puppies at the corner of Wyllys and High. Puppies with us and puppies with them, puppies at Zelnick at 4 p.m.

Okay, they weren’t technically all puppies, but the parody doesn’t work so well otherwise. Bringing the best new event to Reading Week since chronic lung damage, Holly Everett ’15 and the rest of Sign and Writing Houses seemed to think student stress levels warranted bringing “6 lovely, cuddly dogs” to campus for pet therapy. The dogs hailed from Tails of Joy,  a nonprofit affiliate group of Intermountain Therapy Animals based in Manchester, Connecticut, and they chilled in Zelnick for two hours on Saturday, greeting gushing Wesleyan students and generally acting like adorable, meticulously trained therapy dogs.  A few images from the historic interspecies mingle appear below.

[nggallery id=243]

Breaking: Luna Moth Found Outside SciLi

Apparently there is a world outside of SciLi, and it’s rich with wildlife sightings. Put down your Orgo textbook and set aside the annotated bibliography: Jessica Titlebaum ’14 has breaking news:

This Luna moth was found outside SciLi this morning! Will most likely rest here until night time when it will seek out a female. What a beautiful sighting.

Here’s another angle of the Luna moth. In semi-related Wesleyan wildlife news, the mysterious Wes Squirrels Facebook has become impressively active this month in the wake of the Great Sam Lyons ’12 Squirrel/Vulture Affair of 2012. Squirrels’ Facebook interests include “finding your acorn,” “eating acorns,” and “tree  climbing.” Here’s a small gallery of recent squirrel sightings, many of which appeared originally on the University’s photo Tumblr. In most photos, the squirrel is not being picked apart by a fucking vulture. (I didn’t take these photos; I’m just scrolling through the squirrel’s tagged photos.)

[nggallery id=144]

PS: If anyone spots the LoRise possum (or hir Exley friend), give hir a hand with hir social media presence. It’s lacking.

PPS: This is probably an appropriate time to remind you to follow @common_squirrel on the Twitbook.

Pet Therapy @ Zelnick


Eric Stephen ’13 is prepared to offer you the one thing missing from our Spring Fling lineup: puppies.

Sign Language House and WesWell would like you to take a break from studying for finals this Saturday, May 12  from 12:00 to 1:00 and go to Zelnick Pavilion where therapy pets will be just waiting for you to play with them! All pets are trained by Tails of Joy and owners will be available to answer any questions about the role therapy pets can play in helping relieve stress and anxiety.

Date: Saturday, May 12
Time: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Place: Zelnick Pavilion
Why: because puppies
Facebook: event

Pre-Vet Lunch Gathering

Emily Duane ’12 included in this post submission a link to this live “Shiba Inu Puppy Cam” stream, which is further evidence that this blog doesn’t want you to get any work done ever. Unless you intend to be a veterinarian, in which case you have your work set out for you—starting tomorrow:

Are you interested in veterinary school or other animal-related careers? Come talk to your fellow students about preparing for
veterinary school, finding volunteer/internship opportunities, visiting Tufts vet school this spring and more. Bring your own lunch, connect with your fellow students, and hear about future events!

Date: Friday, February 24
Time: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Place: Usdan B25
Cost: Free! Just get lunch from upstairs or bring your own!

New York Times on Drunk Fruit Flies, Wooly Bear Caterpillars, and Prof. Michael Singer

If you’re hungover as hell, you may have more in common with the average fruit fly than you think. According to a recent New York Times piece, the fruit flies species Drosophila melanogaster consumes yeast-produced alcohol and, well, gets drunk as a defense against parasites. “Drosophila melanogaster thrives on rotting fruit [because] it has evolved special enzymes that quickly detoxify alcohol,” demonstrated a recent Emory University study.

What the hell does this have to do with Wes?

Err, for one thing, Emory’s esteemed 18th president, one William M. Chace (not to be confused with this epic-stached gentleman), also served as Wesleyan’s own fourteenth president, where he reduced faculty size, taught a whole lot of James Joyce, and presided over the Mummy Incident of 1990.

For another, the Times’ coverage gives quite the shout-out to Wesleyan’s own Biology department, specifically Professor Michael Singer, known for his studies on caterpillars and, less prominently, deep appreciation for soul and funk music. Apparently Emory’s study on fruit flies bears significant comparison to Wesleyan studies self-medicating wooly bear caterpillars, which make significant use of toxic plant leaves:

Campus Marsupial Report: Lo Rise Possum

ResLife says you can’t keep pets in dorms, but this possum is all like, “Fuck tha police coming straight from the underground.” It’s been spotted numerous times before, but Rachel Pincus ’13 has finally documented the furry adventurer in its native Lo Rise/High Rise Courtyard Metropolitan Area, which appear to be its primary stomping grounds.

According to Pincus’s testimony, the possum, hereby referred to as The Possum, has also been spotted between the last two buildings on Church before High Rise “around like 2:00 AM” for the past two weekends. “I saw him before in September or something,” Pincus adds, but it lives “prolly in a tree somewhere.” (Note: Wikipedia confirms that possums are indeed “at least partially arboreal,” though some species have done well in urban settings. This one has lovely eyes.)

The Possum presently has no name, though Lina Mamut ’13 prefers “Jacob.” Your suggestions are welcomed in the comments section. We’ll keep you possted.

Pre-Vet Lunch Tomorrow

Thought: was this event planned to take place on Veteran’s Day, just to mess with me and everyone else who as a kid was convinced Veteran’s Day is a celebration of veterinarians? Anyway, get “set-up in tha DFC” with Emily Duane ’12 and fellow pre-vet students:

Are you thinking about a career in veterinary medicine? Join us for lunch at Daniel Family Commons this Friday at 12pm to discuss volunteer and internship options with other animal-oriented students and the awesome health professions advisor Peggy Carey Best.  You can bring your own lunch or taste the offerings of Daniel Family Commons .  Please RSVP to pcbest(at)wesleyan(dot)edu if you plan to attend.

Date: Friday, 11/11/11/11/11/11/11/11/11/11/11
Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Place: Dizzaniel Fizzamily Cizzommons
$$: ()()()
Dogs: Cats

Wesleyan Students For Animal Welfare

Alexa Atamanchuk ’12 sends in a puppy picture so freakin’ cute, you’ll wish you never forgot about Cute Roulette:

The first meeting of Wesleyan Students for Animal Welfare is this week!  WSAW is the only club at Wes that addresses animal rights and welfare issues and lets you play with animals on a weekly basis (if you want we won’t force you).
We’ll be discussing/setting up fund raising events and shelter volunteering for the upcoming year. Leadership roles within the club are available; e-mail aatamanchuk(at)wes for more info

Date: Thursday, October 6
Time: 8:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Place: Usdan 110
Spending hours on Cute Roulette instead of reading Kant: priceless

Procrastination Destination Du Jour: Cute Roulette

You know that project due yesterday that you would rather drink your own vomit than finish? This website is so much better than that. Especially if you are a cute animal junkie (whether openly or still living in the closet).

Cute Roulette. Just keep clicking “next cuteness” until all of your homework goes away. And then you can keep clicking, until you are 60 years old and wonder why you’re still in college but damn that ninja cat just gets you every time. It’s like Cute Overload/ZooBorns/Cheezburger, except consolidated and designed even more perfectly to suck your time away.

You might even be able to relate. The puppy below has definitely had enough of finals week, too.


Bronx Zoo Trip Full

Sorry everyone, but the WSA and Animal Studies sponsored trip to the Bronx Zoo is full!  More than enough people have already emailed the WSA since registration opened at 9PM tonight.

If you still want to hang out on April 22nd though, don’t worry.  Movie Night on Foss is still on, and everyone can come to that.