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Film Series: Perfect Blue

1997. Japan. Dir: Satoshi Kon. With Junko Iwao. Animation. 81 min.

An adored pop star quits the biz to pursue acting and faces criticism from fans and friends alike that ferments into threats and stalking. In this violent psychosexual thriller, Kon (Paprika) braids eerie animation with inventive editing to wrap the viewer in a uniquely inescapable nightmare logic.

CW: sexual violence / simulated rape / stalking

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / Free

Japanese Anime Movie Screening: Tekkonkinkreet

Saturday night, come watch one of the most amazingly epic and mindblowing anime films ever.*

Two street orphans, Black and White, battle against Yakuza and alien assassins vying to rule the decaying metropolis of Treasure Town.

  • Best Film, 2006 Mainichi Film Awards
  • #1 film, 2006 NY MoMA Artforum’s “Best of”
  • “Best original story” & “Best art direction” from the Tokyo International Anime Fair
  • Animation of the Year, 2008 Japan Academy Prize

Official Site
Facebook Event

Sponsored by Japanese House and Japan Society.

Date: Saturday, December 5
Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Place: Shanklin 107

*SERIOUSLY. I’m not kidding, your life will be forever changed. Don’t miss your chance to experience this masterpiece on a big screen. For free.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

This week, WESabi! is showing the first arc of a series called “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni”, or roughly translated “When the Cicada Cries”. It’s something of a horror mystery about murders that seem to be related to supernatural powers.

It is the 58th year of Showa and summer is early. It is only June, yet one is able to enjoy the serenade of cicadas at noon and the buzz of higurashi in the evening. Our story takes place in Hinamizawa Village. It is a small village with a population of less than 2,000, a place cursed by Oyashiro-Sama. Every year, during the festival of Watanagashi, one person dies and another disappears. It is a cycle of death which started with a fight over the construction plans for a dam That incident was covered up by the police and has now come back to haunt the village. Is all this due to a plot or a coincidence… or a curse? Is this tragedy inevitable? Is there nothing you can do but accept it?

Name: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, First Arc (4 episodes)
Date: Saturday, October 7th
Time: 7pm
Venue: SC121


This week, WESabi! is screening the Hellsing OVAs.

Vampires exist. It is the duty of Hellsing, an organization sponsored by the British government, to hide that frightening fact and protect the blissfully unaware populace. Along with its own personal army, Hellsing also has secret weapons. Alucard, an incredibly powerful vampire, has been controlled by Hellsing for years. It is unclear if he dislikes being a servant to the Hellsing family, but he certainly enjoys his job as a vampire exterminator. Seras is a fledgling vampire and a former police woman. Although reluctant to embrace her new self, she is still a valuable member of the organization. Integra Hellsing, the current leader, is usually fully capable of fulfilling her duty, but lately, vampire activity has been on the rise. Unfortunately, the cause is more alarming than anything she could have imagined. A group long thought dead has been plotting in secret since their apparent destruction over 50 years ago. Plotting to plunge England, and perhaps the entire world, into war.

Name: Hellsing OVAs
Date: Saturday, September 30th
Time: 7pm
Venue: SC121

First WESabi! showing

WESabi!, Wesleyan’s anime club, is showing Tokyo Godfathers this Saturday.
For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it’s about a bum, a runaway girl, and a transvestite who finds an abandoned child and all the hilarity that ensues.
Yes, there will be snacks!

Name: Tokyo Godfathers
Date: Saturday, September 23rd
Time: 7 PM
Venue: SC121