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Introducing WesACB… .NET

By now, if you’re a truly dedicated ACB devotee, you’ve probably discovered the new WesACB.  To recap: Peter Frank sold CollegeACB.com to people who eventually turned it into Blipdar.  To say the least, Blipdar fell below Wesleyan students’ standards.

Now, an anonymous hero(ine) has crafted a solution.  Hosted at WesACB.net, this reincarnation of the ACB emulates the aesthetics and functions of our recently beloved version.  If you take a look at some recent threads, it seems to be getting along pretty well by ACB standards:

To be fair, there are also the more intellectual and useful posts people actually admit to reading, like the summer’s must read books.  (Now that you’ve clicked on these links, judged everyone involved, and then posted yourself) we at Wesleying have gotten hold of the administrator of the new ACB.  While we’re a blog and serious journalism sounds scary (I’m no Wilkinson), we know there’s nothing Wesleyan students take more seriously than the ACB.  Every new owner brings with hir interesting views and policies, so I suggest you click to read more.