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More Chalking Drama: Mystical 7 Members Chalked on Church Street, Scribbled Out by Mystical 7 Members

Because we haven’t posted enough chalking-related updates from the past few weeks, an anonymous tipster writes in to let you know about an amusing (or frightening, depending on who you are) happening on Church Street late last week:

I have a tip for Wesleying but would like to remain anonymous.  Earlier today someone wrote the names of the Mystical 7 — a Wesleyan student secret society — out in chalk on the sidewalk on Church St near Olin.  Later in the day, a bunch of the people whose names had been written were seen standing over the writing, looking fairly panicked, and then after that someone crossed the names out with more chalk.  Here’s a photo of the names crossed out.  FUCK SOCIAL HIERARCHY!!!!

According to one Wesleying staffer, “It’s intact in at least two places right now (beginning of CFA path and College Row near Zelnick).”

Finals Week Fireworks Outside Olin

No one’s quite sure why members of the classes of 2014 and 2015 just set off fireworks outside Olin, but who’s complaining? As Syed just reported from Wesleying’s Olin Liveblog, Olin seems to be collapsing into chaos in general:

The first floor of Olin is quickly devolving. Fireworks bursting just outside seem to have disrupted the collective focus. Now, a toy mini-football is being thrown around. Lots of chatter, laughter.

An anonymous tipster sent Wesleying the above video, which captures the fiery spectacle above Andrus. Shortly after I received a text consisting of “Did You See The Fireworks?”, which is like a mash-up of two Animal Collective songs, which is dope. Happy Finals Week!

Oberlin’s Little ACB Problem

LOL Blipdar

In a semester that has seen the current incarnation of the Wesleyan ACB get mentions from PSafe and other school officials due to its creepy spasms of racism, it may be an object of comfort, or of worry, to know that the ACB of Oberlin, our sister (?) in the Midwest, has had some problems with repressed negative feelings as well. Jezebel has the story of a former student named Cate Minall, who was at first called a slut on Oberlin’s Oberlin Confessional board (which, by the way, requires an Oberlin e-mail address to sign up for, thus ensuring that all intolerance is perfectly endemic to your community) in the 2006-2007 school year. She was like, “okay, fine, everyone gets called a slut on this board. I’m just going to starve the trolls and ignore it.” Things began to escalate and get creepy, though, as some anonymous listener stealthily picked her life apart:

But then things spiraled out of control. Anonymous posters wrongfully accused Minall of spreading STDs, stealing boyfriends, and sleeping with professors in order to pass classes. A 60-page thread piled up overnight that was dedicated entirely to Minall’s sexual exploits, some accurate but most completely false.

“It got to the point where I couldn’t go anywhere on campus, because everything I said in class would be posted and torn apart,” Minall, now 24, recalled. “It wasn’t just on the computer anymore.” Friends and prospective love interests were scared away by the rumors. One night, her room was broken into and trashed. Someone found her address and posted it online, threatening to contact her family and let them know what their little girl had been up to — or, rather, what Oberlin Confessional thought she was up to.

Anonymous Compliment Day

Anonymous ’16 wants you to be excellent to each other for a day:

Too many people don’t say the nice things they think because they’re worried about how it’ll come out or because people don’t know how to accept compliments. So why not take all that worry out of it?

On November 21st, the day before Thanksgiving (so that, hopefully, you have something extra to be thankful for), make an effort to
anonymously compliment someone. Stick a letter in the mail, text them from an unknown number, send them an anonymous comment on tumblr, get someone to pass them a note without revealing you, leave a post-it on their desk when they’re not looking. Get out the niceness!

See the Facebook page for more guidelines.

Date: Wednesday, November 21
Time: All day.
Place: Everywhere

Post Creative Classifieds

Anonymous Artistic-type ’12 wants you to post some classified information (kinda):

Need crew for your film? Actors for your play? Musicians for your band? Collaborators for your meta-installation?
Let people know. Post some classifieds here.

[Note: this particular blogger is baffled by the picture submitted. Maybe a ‘meta-installation?’ Feel free to explain it to hir in the comments.]

Narrative Submissions for Take Back The Night

From Brenna Galvin ’11:

We are seeking narratives from those who have experienced sexual assault or been impacted by sexual violence. The content of the narrative is entirely up to the author and will not be edited.

Narratives will be read anonymously on the author’s behalf during the event. The readers will be sensitive and respectful to the author’s experience.

To submit, please send to tbtnsubmissions(at)gmail(dot)com. All submissions will remain confidential and anonymous, but you may send it from a non-Wesleyan email account or submit it to one of our WesBoxes – either WesBox 90203 or 92835 by putting the envelope in the “Campus Mail” slot in Usdan.

Please submit by April 5th.  Thank you.

The actual event of Take Back the Night is April 7th at 7PM starting on the steps of Olin.

Anonymous’ message to Wesleyan students

Fighting Scientology with computer-generated speech software! Because whoever took the time to make this, as well as set up a Gmail account for Wesleyan Anonymous, deserves some recognition.

EDIT (not by Justin): And here is the text for your enjoyment (notice the quote from Boondock Saint’s)

HELLO Wesleyan student body. We are Anonymous and we have manifested ourselves in this video to draw your attention to a vital issue. Anonymous has rallied in order to redress the crimes of the Church of Scientology and combat the threat it poses both in cyberspace and real space. The Church is an insidious body responsible for destroying the lives of its enslaved membership, attempting to censor the Internet and attempting to defraud government institutions in order to secure its ill gotten financial gain. For those seeking evidence of these claims, Anonymous suggest that you Google the following key words: Lisa McPherson, Elli Perkins and Operation Snow White. Thus, Anonymous has decided that this organization must be dismantled for the good of its followers, humankind and for our own enjoyment. Please note that this enterprise is not a vendetta against Scientology’s doctrine or individual Scientologists. Rather it is the opposite. Anonymous hopes to liberate these people from an oppressive and ill-conceived institution. We hold that one’s religious beliefs are one’s own affair. Our movement is non-violent and centered around demonstration. We hope that you will join us as fellow anonymous on the Ides of March as we stand united against this tyranny.
Finally, the core of our collective outrage and our message to the Church is this: Do not kill. Do not rape. Do not steal. These are principles that every man of every faith can embrace. These are not polite suggestions. These are codes of behavior and those of you who ignore them will pay the dearest cost. For those who disregard them, Anonymous will be there. There will be consequences.

Thank you for your attention.

Anonymous is One.
Anonymous is Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.