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From The Argives: “Nixon, No! McGovern, Si!”

The Argus in 1972: “George McGovern might very well be the man to lead the United States out of its present moral crisis.”

George McGovern, the United States senator from South Dakota and fierce antiwar advocate, died early yesterday morning in Sioux Falls, S.D, at the age of 90. Most students will recall McGovern as the Democratic Party’s nominee for president in 1972, when he was defeated by President Nixon in a staggering electoral landslide. (McGovern managed to carry a single state, plus D.C., to Nixon’s 49.) (Massachusetts was the single state.) (This later inspired bumper stickers reading, “Don’t blame meI’m from Massachusetts.”) Most students will not know that McGovern was also a Wesleyan alumnus.

Dakota Wesleyan, that is—probably the only Wesleyan I haven’t been mistaken for attending. McGovern graduated in 1946, then returned to the school, where he had met his wife, only a few years later to teach history and political science. Today, a guest book appears on Dakota Wesleyan’s website.

Connecticut Students Against War: Conference at Exley

n57722338158_8964Join student leaders and activists from all over the state for the annual conference of Connecticut Students Against the War:

This conference will be on Saturday, April 25th right here at Wesleyan, and will be a great opportunity for the Wesleyan community to make connections with activists throughout the state. The 2009 CTSAW conference will put students in the driving seat in calling for future actions against the war, for economic and social justice, and against the many other problems that face us today or in the future. Students will have a chance to build the future of the Anti-War movement in developing a new period of democratic leadership and direct democratic participation. The conference will be held in the Exley Science Center; see Facebook event or website for schedule.

love, Yael Chanoff ’11 and Nick Davenport ’10

Date: Saturday, April 25
Time: 9 am – 8 pm
Place: Exley Science Center

Campus Anti-War Network Regional Conference

From Kathy Stavis ’10:

Campus Anti-War Network Regional Conference
Their War, Our World: Building the Student Resistance
April 4th- 6th, 2008 at Hunter College

Join us, the Campus Antiwar Network’s Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, for our spring regional conference on the US War on Terror and our student movement. Students from campuses across the East Coast will be convening to share their organizing experiences. Together, through workshops and plenaries, we’ll try to address some of the issues facing the antiwar movement today, educating ourselves as well as combining efforts to create long and short-term strategies to end the war.

Housing provided, $5 registration fee. RSVP ASAP to kstavis@wesleyan.edu.