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Highlights from the WSA Write-Ins

First, a disclaimer. The results from this year’s WSA Winter At-Large Election are not nearly as exciting as those from last year, when, in addition to Giant Joint’s victory, Wesleying’s A-Batte unexpectedly won a spot on the Assembly as a write-in candidate (he took his seat and served honorably before resigning at the close of the semester). Nor is it as scandalous as 2009, when longtime write-in champion Giant Joint ‘420 came within centimeters of garnering 420 votes but was not permitted to serve.

Nonetheless, you voted early, you voted often, democracy prevailed, and the results are viewable here (you’ll have to log in and click “View Results of This Election”). In order of votes received, the winning WSA representatives-elect are Aobo “Austin” Dong ’15, Christian Hosam ’15, Bruno Machiavelo ’16, Chase Knowles ’16, deer whisperer Samuel Usdan ’15, Glenn Cantave ’15Angus McLean ’16, and Kara Linn ’15. Congrats—hope you guys weren’t too attached to Sunday nights or anything.

As usual, though, I’m more interested in the vast, colorful array of write-in votes (and not just because I received two of them). In the land before Wes Compliments, WSA write-in votes offered the best, fuzziest glimpse into Wesleyan’s well-wishing subconscious. This year Giant Joint received a disappointing 68 votes, A-Batte scored 20 (excluding the countless variations on his name), and Ron Paul received three. The rest of the write-in votes ranged from President Roth to serial killers to major U.S. cities to Mytheos Holt ’10 to—

Okay, my favorite write-in choices are listed after the jump. 

WSA Election: The Results Are In

Good Saturday, folks! Just checking in this afternoon to wrap up a plot-line that’s been developing here on Wesleying for about a week now: it would seem that, as of 12AM this morning, presidential incumbent Zach Malter ’13 has succeeded in his efforts for reelection with a whopping 654 votes. A hearty congratulations to you, Mr. Malter.

In addition, Mari Jarris ’14, Malter’s running mate, secured vice presidency with (also whopping, perhaps even more whopperific) 702 votes. Which is curious, of course, given that it’s almost 50 votes more than the president. One of our in-house analysts suspects that this cultivates ripe conditions for a Machiavellian-style altercation at some point in the future. Hearty congratulations to you as well, Ms. Jarris.

Arya Alizadeh ’13 and his running mate Sam Ebb ’13, the only other organized duo, came in second place with 355 and 310 votes respectively. 

Dark horse write-in candidate Anwar “Cornelius” Batte ’13 came in third by bagging 138 votes in the presidential bracket, firmly establishing his brand as Wesleyan’s equivalent of a green party/socialist candidate. Batte ran a notable campaign in that he didn’t run it at all; in fact, he actively sought to neuter it. Congratulations on your non-efforts, Mr. Batte.

More information about the election results (the full data of which can be found here), as well as about fan-favorite Giant Joint ’54, after the jump.