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First Annual Last Concert Ever

From Mickey Capper ’13 Adam Isaacson ’13 WHATEVER YA’LL:


Packing is for losers!! So many seniors playing music TONIGHT at Eclectic cause they never will ever again! If you’re on campus, don’t miss it. If you’re off campus come back to campus for this show or you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. BRING YOUR PARENTS CUZ YOU LOVE THEM!!!

10:00 pm Elvis Presley

10:05 pm Protein Stains

10:30 pm Dr. Hackensack

10:50 pm Miami Heat

11:20 pm The Japanese

12:00 am Treasure Island

12:30 am Bamenda

12:45 am Perfecto

01:15 am Adrien Feat. William

01:30 am Tonsil Hockey

01:55 am Juke Wherry???


schedule subject to change so don’t even exist anywhere other than this show from 10pm-2am

If you can’t go at all try tuning in to WESU 88.1 fm. We might be live streaming?!? [Also always a source for great freeform radio! Donate today!]

Place: Eclectic.

Study: The Mash Exactly Like Spring Fling, Except Not

No, we didn’t film President Roth’s dance moves, but this link is always good.

The Mash, a first-time-ever Music & Public Life initiative, totally happened, and it was totally like a cross between Fête de la Musique and Spring Fling, what with the whole people-chilling-on-the-hill-in-beautiful-weather thing going on. There were bands all over the freaking place—Mattabassett (more like Mattabadass, amiright?) String Collective jamming out with President Roth outside Usdan, Yeoman’s Omen and Featherwood Bee at WestCo, Bones Complex and The Taste outside Olin, and a bunch more that I’m not bothering to name. For images of the Mattabassett/Roth collab, check out the University’s photo album. Here’s Roth, and here’s his fan club:

Anwar for Prez: A Plea from Bartin Menjamin ’75

Hey friends. As the weekly poll to your right (–>) will indicate, the WSA presidential election is open as of midnight last night. You can vote over at the WSA voting site. Wesleying’s policy for the past few years has been not to take sides in WSA campaigns (with the occasional exception of Giant Joint’s), but we’re always glad to post your own pitches as long as they steer clear of mudslinging villainy. Arya and Zach, do take note: our email is staff(at)wesleying(dot)org; we’ll post your pleas.

The following pitch was sent to us by Bartin Menjamin ’75, who wishes to remain pseudonymous, in support of Wesleying’s own Anwar Batte ’13, who has a history of winning WSA elections by write-in consensus. Wesleying offers no comment:

My dear fellow Wesleyan alumni and you crazy commie current students. With all of the press regarding current WSA Presidential and Vice-Presidential front-running pairs Zach/MariAryah/Sam (the establishment candidates), I felt it prudent to inform you that an entirely unofficial write-in campaign is underway to elect the real Giant Joint, sir Anwar Batte ’13 himself, to the WSA Presidency. If you’re planning to abstain from voting or voting for some other unoffical candidate because you think its pointless, or you think the WSA doesn’t matter, then I implore you to consider voting for Anwar, the real WSA outsider. He’s such an outsider he doesn’t even know he’s running!