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Humans vs. Zombies


Are you a fast zombie, a slow zombie, or a winning zombie? From Jessie Loo ’14:

They’re back, and more resilient then ever! Ready your Nerf guns, gather your socks, and start stocking up on marshmallows, because the zombie apocalypse is returning to Wesleyan!

Humans vs. Zombies is a campus-wide game of tag, pitting armband-wearing humans against headband-wearing zombies. Humans turn into zombies if tagged, and can defend themselves with Nerf guns, marshmallows, or socks.

To sign up or to get more information, visit the website!

Date: Wednesday, October 23rd–Sunday, October 27th, 2013
Time: 8 AM on the 23rd –5 PM on the 27th
Place: Everywhere
Cost: Your human soul

Hope in the Face of the Intolerable: Apocalypse and Prospects for Emancipation, a Lecture by Gustavo Esteca


Gustavo Esteva’s legendary lecture series continues tomorrow afternoon with his third talk.

Ross Levin ’15 leaks the following:

Everywhere today the capitalist narrative of crisis is quickly shifting to one of imminent collapse. From the halls of power to the screens of Hollywood we are seeing the drumbeat of apocalypse. With catastrophic war and climate change considered the new mundane reality of the contemporary human condition, what paths to liberation can be carved from the rupture?

Date: TOMORROW – Wednesday, October 9, 2013
Time: 4:30pm
Place: Downey House
Facebook: event

Photos: Signs of Life In A Post-Snowpocalyptic Wesleyan

In this new, post-Snowpocalyptic world, man must battle machine for dominance. 

butterfields 1

When I shoved open the door to Butterfields B this morning, dressed in layers for all levels of chilly tempest (protip: Under Armor, then shirt, then hoodie, then coat), the only path to get out of the labyrinth was manmade — boot imprints probably left over from last night’s late-night partygoers.  That was approximately 10 a.m.  By the time I returned half an hour later, the CATs had carved out a path to the doors of my building but were still working on A and C.  At least the wind wasn’t as awful as it got last night.  No amount of Wesleyan hoodie will protect your face from snow that does not simply blow in one direction, but whips around and aims specifically at faces— like predator drones.

Despite the scary ubiquity of the snow, I was not the only person attempting to cross this hellscape.  Also attempting to leave were a group of sophomores from Butt A — one of whom was not actually wearing shoes.  I walked with the group through the semi-plowed paths and crossed Lawn Avenue, which, at the time, had seen exactly 0 clearing action.  These are streets, that cars are ostensibly supposed to be able to drive on— well, not at the moment.  The snow was about four feet high, and completely covered from High Street up.  So we waded across.

Going to Church Street, which was completely driveable, we all had to avoid the CAT clearing the student paths.  Don’t think about using stairs any time soon — they’re all submerged.  The way to Usdan was pretty easy from there out, as the plows had pretty much made a neat-enough path along College Row.  What’s amazing is seeing how Allbritton, PAC, and South College are impossible to get through, because the snow is just drowning them.  I was a little worried that some of these glass doors would break under the pressure.

More of my adventures, and two entire galleries of photographs, after the jump.


Last weekend concert of the year, 13 days before the apocalypse. Sweat out your sins to dance music from the future by Toronto based DEEBS (of Pelican Fly notoriety, a label including Baauer, Sinjin Hawke, and LOL Boys), Wes-Alum C¥BERGIGA (Sam Lyons ’12), and Keenan Burgess ’16 coming straight from the UK.

Date: Saturday, December 8
Time: 10:15pm – 1:30am
Place: Beckham Hall
Cost: Free
Facebook: Event

Sandy, Complete: Frankenstormapocalypse Averted

Got photos of the storm? Email us at staff(at)wesleying(dot)org.

And just like that, it was over. After being told the worst of the storm would arrive past midnight, I woke up this morning expecting to see downed trees, flooded streets, mass devastation. Instead, besides the handful of loose power lines, scattered leaves, and downed trees we reported on yesterday, campus looks pretty much back to normal. As a few friends have noted on Facebook, it’s even strangely sunny outside:

Despite freaking out in our liveblog coverage, it’s official: Middletown was spared the worst of the storm. The head of emergency operations says Middletown “suffered light to moderate damage,” especially compared to towns nearer to the coast, which are still dealing with flooding and massive outages. (That’s not to mention the devastation and flooding in New York right now, which has killed at least 24 and been declared a major disaster by Obama.)

Zombies vs. Humans: The End is Nigh

Zombies have been periodically threatening this fine campus since 2006 and probably earlier. They have been featured in the Hartford Courant, in a New Media Lab documentary by Daniel Sullivan ’13, and, err, on the door to Weshop. It’s been some time since the last outbreak, but this time it’s 2012. Jessie Loo ’14 writes:

The apocalypse is at hand! The dead walk the earth, and the fight for humanity commences.

Zombies vs. Humans is a campus-wide game of tag, pitting armband-wearing humans against headband-wearing zombies. Humans turn into zombies if tagged, and can defend themselves with Nerf guns, marshmallows, or socks.

To sign up, email wesleyanzombies(at)gmail(dot)com by April 9th with your name and whether or not you’d like to be an original zombie. For more information, join the Facebook event or check out the rules.

Date: April 9 – April 20
Place: Everywhere
Link: Facebook, rules, awesome .gif
Contact: wesleyanzombies(at)gmail(dot)com

Audition for 4 Horsemen!

As AuditionWatch 2012 continues, stay with Wesleying for up-to-the-nanosecond updates on breaking spring semester auditions, featuring submissions by famous audition-holders like Michael Steves ’13:

Come audition for 4 Horsemen, a new student written play presented by Second Stage, this Thursday from 6:30-9:30pm and Friday from 5-7pm! Both auditions will be in the East Room of the CFA Theater and Dance Studios.

The play is sci-fi drama/comedy about 4 people trying to dissuade a god-like alien from destroying the world. There are 5 roles- 2 male and 3 female, all leads. No outside preparation necessary- just show up ready to do a cold reading of a scene or two!

The play is written and directed by Michael Steves ’13, assistant directed by Phil Ross ’12, and stage managed by Sivan Battat ’15.

Date: Jan. 26 & Jan. 27
Time: 6:30 PM – 7:00 PM Thursday, 5-7 PM Friday
Place: CFA Theater and Dance Studios East Room
Face the Book: Do it.

Great Gig in the Sky

If a gigantic asteroid wipes out all life on Earth, it best be set to some ethereal Pink Floyd. Watch for some fairly harrowing/awesome apocalyptic imagery: