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Crisp Talk: Food Stories from Different Perspectives

From the crisptabulous Mica Taliaferro ’12:

Come to Wesleyan’s Food Day event! Hear a panel with a student, a local farmer and a Wesleyan food service worker sharing their stories about their relationships with  food. Participate in a workshop activity that will get everyone talking about their own food stories. Plus we’ll be serving Stephanie’s Apple Crisp!

If you have questions e-mail micaearth(at)gmail(dot)com

For more detailed information about the events goals please follow the facebook link listed below.

This event is sponsored by WesFRESH and Unite Here!

Date: Oct. 27
Time: 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Place: MPR, basement of Usdan


Composting! It’s here!

Yes, it’s the moment y’all have all been waiting for during your tenure at Wes: a student group has sprouted up on campus to take care of all your composting needs (beyond your own individual separation of organic material, of course). So, I’m sure you’re wondering: When can I start composting? How do I get a bucket? What can I compost? Naturally, these questions would pile up in any student’s mind, much like the way we are going to eventually compile all of your organic waste and turn it into nutrient-rich fertilizer to give back to Wesleyan’s campus. First thing’s first:

Can I compost?

If you live in a residence with a kitchen (woodframe, senior fauver, hi/lo-rise, program house, or other apartment), you can compost. It’s just as easy as taking out the trash!

How do I compost?

The only thing you need is a 5-gallon bucket to collect food waste and some basic info about what can be composted. The best part is we can give all of this to you for free! Once you have everything, you simply need to take the food waste out and put it into a nearby composting container when your bucket fills up! The container (with a little help from the composting committee) will do all of the work for you!