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Apply to the Film Board!

Hey You!

Do you ever look at the Film Series calendar and think, “Wow, why did they choose that? Why didn’t they put this movie up? I could do such a good job picking movies for this series.”

Then why not Apply to the Film Board!

Bring the Wesleyan campus the films you know they want to see! Gain experience curating an artistic enterprise! Argue with film nerds for hours with a tangible result at the end!

Applications must be submitted as a hard copy to the office of Logan Ludwig at the Center for Film Studies by Friday, February 24.

Film Board Application 2017

Apply to be on the Committee for Investor Responsibility!

social-investingAre you interested in corporate, social, environmental, or governance issues? The balance of ethical values with fiscal responsibility? Apply to the Committee for Investor Responsibility to become involved as a student representative!

The CIR, a student, faculty, staff, and alumni committee, was created to consider social and ethical issues with regards to the Wesleyan Endowment. The CIR engages in shareholder advocacy on behalf of the University and offers oversight to the investment decisions of the Board of Trustees.

Our recent work and charter can be viewed on our website, http://cir.wsa.wesleyan.edu/. Members’ duties include attending bimonthly to weekly meetings, independent research on issues of concern, as well as drafting shareholder resolutions. Most recently, the CIR has developed and presented a proposal outlining procedural mechanisms for the Investment Office and Board of Trustees to thoroughly consider environmental, social, and governmental concerns in investment practices.

If you are interested in the CIR, please visit our website and familiarize yourself with what we do before applying. To apply, please submit one to two paragraphs explaining why you are interested in the committee and what relevant skills you would contribute to jholmes@wesleyan.edu by 5:00 pm on Wednesday, April 13.

Apply By: Wednesday, April 13 at 5:00 PM

Apply to be a Sustainability Intern

Recyclops will drown you in your over-watered lawns!

The rad Rebecca Sokol ’15 hollers:

The Office of Sustainability is looking for 2-3 interns to join our team in Fall 2013. Interns manage the Waste Not program and the monthly Do It In The Dark competition in addition to organizing sustainability education programs on campus. You can find the full job description here.

If interested, email your resume to Wesustainability(at)gmail(dot)com. We will be scheduling interviews next week. The application deadline is Monday, 5/6 at 9 AM.

Deadline: Monday, May 6
Contact: wesustainability(at)gmail(dot)com

Apply to be the Leadership Intern

Winston Soh ’14 lets you know that “leadership intern” is not an oxymoron:

Application is open for the Leadership Intern position with the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development for the next academic year! Deadline: April 1, 12 pm. Here’s the job description. Apply here.

Contact: gstreiff(at)wesleyan(dot)edu
April 1
But that’s April Fool’s Day! It’s still the deadline.

Apply to be a Peer Advisor

From gentleman, scholar, and hallmate Adam Rashkoff ’13, who is strangely definitely not pictured in the image he sent in:

Are you passionate about planners? Nutty for note-taking? Do study strategies psych you up? (Sorry, I’ll stop.)

For real now, do you enjoy helping your peers succeed academically? Then consider applying to be a Peer Advisor!

Among other things, Peer Advisors
• Help new students plan their academic schedules and work with their advisors during Orientation week
• Act as a resource during course registration
• Participate in First Year Matters programming
• Direct students to Wesleyan’s full range of academic resources

Applications for both full year Peer Advisors and New Student Orientation Peer Advisors are currently being accepted from now through April 5. Questions? Email Dean Scott Backer (sbacker01@wes) or check out the Peer Advisor website.

Deadline: April 5, 2013
Contact: Scott Backer, sbacker01@wes

Apply for Queer Resource Center Internship

Come sail away on the internship with Michael Leung ’15:

Please consider applying for this paid internship position for the calendar year of 2013. The application deadline for this position is November 18, 2012. The application form and more information about the position can be found here.

The QRC Intern is responsible for being a resource for and maintaining communication with the various LGBTQQ organizations and groups on campus, as well as with LGBTQQ allies among alumni, faculty, and administration. The intern also maintain the Queer Resource Center and organize monthly Queer Community Meetings and other campus-wide social and educational programs. The intern typically has an interest in multi-political organizing–recognizing the complex interconnections among issues of sexual orientation, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, class, ableism, etc., aiming to build bridges between the various multicultural communities on campus. The QRC Intern is a member of the Student Affairs Intern Team.

Deadline: November 18th, 2012
Apply: Here

Live on Quiet Hall!

Blaring music and 3:15 A.M renditions of santeria not your cup of tea?

Reslife writes in about a new Community Based Living option for next year:

The Quiet Floor is intended for students who are interested in living in a quiet residence.  There is a 24 hour quiet hour policy, which stipulates that noise should be kept to a minimum level and not be heard outside of students’ rooms.  Students on the floor agree to not to engage in activities in the hallway that would generate noise and be disruptive to other residents. Upon arrival, you will be required to sign a contract agreeing to these provisions.

Students can apply to Quiet Hall through the program house application process. For more information contact Reslife at reslife(at)wesleyan(dot)edu or check out the info on the Reslife Website.