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Procrastination Destination: Neko Atsume


Alright, hear me out.

When I first heard about Neko Atsume, I didn’t understand the obsession over it. But now it controls me. I care so much about these damn electronic cats, but you know what??? It’s okay, because it’s low-maintenance and the perfect way to procrastinate.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 11.00.17 PM

Neko Atsume is an app available for iPhone and Android (equality!!!) and the premise is literally to “collect” cats. You fill up a little food bowl, close the app, and later, when you re-open it, a few cats will be kickin’ it in your virtual yard. You also have the option of taking pictures of them, and adding it to their individual photo albums. They all have cute names and personalities. One of my favorites is Pickles, who is described as “faint-hearted” and has a power level of zero. What does that even mean? Who knows. It’s just so god damned cute. Whenever I’m stuck during an essay, I’ll open the app up and be greeted by a kitten taking a nap in a box, and suddenly everything feels okay. I recommend everyone to do the same.

WESU Needs An App

From Danielle Pruitt ’15:

WESU is on a mission to move into the 21st century and we need your help! We’re looking for someone who might be interested in working with us to create a mobile app that would primarily be used to stream our station. Essentially, we are hoping to put many aspects of our website wesufm.org in “app” form.

If you think you might be interested, or have any questions about the project please feel free to email dpruitt@wesleyan.edu by Friday, March 27th.

Date: March 23 – 27, 2015
Place: the interwebz
Cost: coding skillz

WesHack Bootcamp and Hackathon


WesHack is a two-part conference that welcomes Wesleyan students and alumni to pick up new tech skills or to flaunt the ones they’ve got. Track one offers a day-long bootcamp with workshops on front-end design, web app development, video editing, graphic design, and more. You’ll leave armed with basic skills and a good sense of the tools and know-how you’ll need to bring your ideas to life. This crash-course is open to people of all experience levels, so anyone looking to grow their skill set or boost their online presence is encouraged to attend.

The lineup of presenters is well-stocked with impressive Wes students, alumni and friends in the tech world – like software engineer and WesHack co-founder Julian Applebaum ’13, Lily Herman ’16, and Olayinka Lawal ’15 – who will answer  your burning questions in the Q&As and student entrepreneur panel.

If you’d like some competition and teamwork in your WesHack experience, register for the 48-hour Hackathon! From Friday, September 5 at noon to Sunday, September 7 at midnight or noon,  teams will develop Wes-themed apps, which will be judged by expert alumni for their creativity, technical difficulty, and polish. There are many roles to be filled in each project, so all levels of expertise are welcome – experienced programmers and enthusiastic newbs alike.

JouleBug Contest Starts Tomorrow

joulebugThe JouleBug sustainability contest starts tomorrow! If you’re a team leader, make sure you have members participating on your team! People can join your team until April 27th (but you can get a head start by racking points up early). Here’s how:

1. Once the app is downloaded, go to Profile

2. From Profile, select Settings (the gear icon)

3. Select Communities, Wesleyan Teams*

4. Select your Team name from the list of available Teams

Points will accumulate for your Team from April 14-27. You can find some additional information here.

Every dollar saved on energy is a dollar added to financial aid! Good luck and get Buzzing!

Interview with Jake Levine ’08: Creator of BreakupText


I interviewed Jake Levine ’08, a successful Wes alum in the tech industry this past July, when he had just launched the iTunes app, BreakupText. Since then, he’s launched the app’s sequel, MakeupText and continues to be a maverick in the digital media world. I was originally intrigued because Levine created an app that allowed people to break up with their significant others in under five seconds, but I quickly figured out that he was an inspiring entrepreneur with an already successful career. He’s the general manager of digg.com, owner of well-groomed social media accounts, and great promoter of Wesleyan in the tech industry.

While our conversation at the time focused on his (now month-old) app, Levine had some great advice for people interested in creating their own start ups and in becoming involved in the tech industry (hint: if you’re a Wes student, you are guaranteed to find a Wes alum currently working in the industry). If you’re one of these people, get on this e-mail list for Digital Wesleyan (it’s already 600+ people strong) so you can stay informed about meet-ups with Wesleyan alums in tech (Levine organizes these).

Click past the jump for an insightful interview with someone Forbes has deemed one of the top 30 under 30 people in digital media today:

From Apps to Africa: Wes Students Use Technology to do Big Things

kwakuAnyone who goes here knows that Wesleyan has no shortage of exceptional students. Just recently, Wesleying caught up with one who is making serious waves in the tech community. Read on to learn about HushCal and JóòMah, two revolutionary ideas with potential to change the world.

I met up with Kwaku Akoi ’14 at 9am on Wednesday morning in Pi Cafe, an hour before his Classic French Comics class.  Originally from Ghana, Akoi actually spent most of his high school career at the Westminster School in Simsbury, Connecticut, which is only 45 minutes north of Middletown. Here at Wesleyan, he is majoring in Economics and French, so when people learn about his true passion, it always comes as a bit of a surprise.

“I love Software Design. And I do a little bit of Programming.”

Akoi is tall, thin, and well spoken. As we talked, a few people approached him, gave him nods or high fives, and then continued on towards their coffee and bagels.


 Last February, Akoi started a company, called RevioSync, which consists of Wesleyan      students and a business partner at Microsoft Corporation. When I asked Akoi who this  partner or what he did, he told me that he couldn’t disclose that information.

“Alright,” I said. “Can I just call him Morpheus?”

Wesleyan Hackathon


Kwaku Akoi ’14 writes in with an event that appeals to the future Zuckerbergs out there:

Remember how programmers duked it out on The Social Network? Well, Wesleyan is hosting its very own Hackathon this weekend (9/6 – 9/8). Hack it out for 48 hours — may the best code win — or crash-course your way through the basics at bootcamp workshops, no experience necessary. Register here: weshack.com.

As a technology minimalist, I have very little to add about the glory of computers or code writing or app-making (or, as I like to call it, witchcraft) but, according to the website, there seems to be a little bit of everything for everyone  at this event, like a well-stocked digital buffet. If you have only a basic working knowledge of technology, like me, you could attend the Tech Bootcamp, and learn how to do laptop push-ups, data crunches, and hard-drive jumping jacks  website creation, graphic design, and basic techie stuff. Or, if your nickname is  “the Good Will Hunting of computers” you should probably find some buddies and make a Hackathon team to design a Wes-based app that we can all use. (Please, someone make an app that tells me when  there is less than 20 people in Weshop.) If you don’t want to compete or learn new things, you can always just send the Hackers a tweet telling them how cool they are.

Dates: Sept 6-8
Place: Register here