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Paris is Burning

Come see a Paris is Burning movie screening as part of April Awareness Month!

An unblinking behind-the-scenes story of queer and trans people of color who created voguing and drag balls turning these raucous celebrations into a powerful expression of fierce personal pride.

Trailer link.

UCAB will be providing snacks and refreshments.

Date: April 22
Time: 9:00 PM – 10:30 PM
Place: Usdan Courtyard (Usdan Cafe if it’s raining)

April Awareness Month Events

For those of you who don’t know, April is the Asian/Asian American, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander, and Queer Awareness Month at Wesleyan. That is a whole lot to be aware about and the April Planning Committee wants to make sure you know that there are still many events this month centered around or celebrating these identities.

Here are the events coming up. Since there are so many, I had to put a bunch after the jump. Check em out!

Queer Prom
April 17 at 10:30 pm
Psi U
The theme this year is “Wet”

WesFestival of Colors
April 18th at 2:30 pm CANCELLED
Foss Hill
In a belated celebration of Holi, come out to Foss Hill for a WesFestival of Colors! Revelers celebrate Holi in India by throwing brightly colored paint at each other all day for good luck, in honor of the arrival of spring.  Shakti will bring colored powder (all natural, non-toxic) and blast the music – you bring friends, wearing white and prepared to get messy.

Asian Iron Chef sponsored by UCAB
April 18 at 3 pm
Usdan Cafe
Don’t miss the intense cooking action!  Participants will have to create an Asian inspired appetizer, entree, and dessert!  Judges will determine the winner and the audience will be able to taste test.

Stephen Walt
Lecture: Wednesday, April 21, 8:00 p.m.
Continuity You Can Believe In: The Obama Administration¹s Foreign Policy after One Year
Location: ESC 150  Tishler Hall

April Awareness Convocation at DFC

Whether you identify with some, all, or none of the included identities, kick off April Awareness month on Thursday with a free dinner on the 3rd floor of Usdan:

Come join us in welcoming the intersecting identity month of April. April is the Asian/Asian American, Middle Eastern, Queer, and Pacific Islander Month at Wesleyan.

Speakers will introduce the history behind April and how the identities in this month are intersecting and shape the goals for common activism.

The calendar for April will be unveiled. Dinner will be provided.

Date: Thursday, April 1
Time: 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Place: Daniel Family Commons
Cost: $0

Iranian Comedy at WestCo Cafe

Farsi? Parsi? Persian? Iranian? Don’t know where Tehran is?


Featuring the comedic talents of Toni Zosherafatain, Saeid Vahidi, and Behdad Bozorgnia! Laugh yourself silly with original stand up comedy and punch lines!

Skit is part of April Awareness Month for queer, arab/arab american, middle eastern, asian/asian american, and pacific islander communities at wesleyan.

Date: Thursday April 24
Time: 9:30 pm
WestCo Cafe

"Perfect Queer Male" Forum at Woodhead

This is a reminder that the “Perfect Queer Male” discussion forum is tonight (4/23) at 6:30pm in Woodhead. This is meant to be a no-pressure space where Wes students can talk about body issues in the queer/gay male community. There will be free Typhoon!

Date: Wednesday April 23
Time: 6:30 pm
Place: Woodhead Lounge
Free Typhoon food

This week: Incarceration Across Contexts

As part of April Awareness Month, this week will have a series of events related to the theme “Incarceration Across Contexts,” sponsored by ADAPT, WESPREP, and APRIL. Check out the schedule:

Monday, March 31st

Film screening of HotHouse – a film about Palestinians incarcerated in Israel.
When: 8 pm
Where: Shanklin 107
About the movie:

Almost ten thousand Palestinians, designated by the Israeli government as “Security Prisoners,” are incarcerated in Israel today. Granted rare permission to film inside the country’s highest security facilities, Israeli filmmaker Shimon Dotan explores the everyday life of Palestinian prisoners, including biweekly family visits, internal elections, periodic security searches of cells, and relations between inmates and prison staff. The film shows the culture that has developed in the prisons, such as how they have become incubators for political education, organization, and debate, which often influences Palestinian society at large. HOTHOUSE also features interviews with many Palestinian prisoners, including those involved in suicide bombings

Tuesday, April 1st

What: Talk by Dean Spade: “Resistance and Cooptation in Queer and Trans Political Struggles” + free dinner
When: 6:15 pm
Where: Daniel Family Commons (in Usdan)
About the Speaker: Radical thinker, social justice activist, and lawyer, Dean Spade founded the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, a collective non-profit focused on gender, racial, and economic justice.

Thursday, April 3rd

What: Talk by Danielle Sered: “Restorative Justice”
When: 7 pm
Where: Shanklin 107
About the Talk: Sered speaks about the implementation of alternative models for sentencing “criminals” in which dialogues between the immediately impacted parties produce alternatives to imprisonment.

Monday, April 7th

What: Film screening of “Cruel and Unusual”
When: 8 pm
Where: Shanklin 107
About the movie: “an unflinching documentary on the lives of transgender women in men’s prisons. Shot over three years, this documentary film challenges the viewer’s basic ideas about gender and justice.” (www.cruelandunusualfilm.com).

Wednesday, April 9th

What: Talk by Ghada Karmi: “Israel and Palestine at 60: Is There a Solution?”
When: 8 pm
Where: PAC001
About the speaker: Born in Jerusalem, Karmi was forced to leave as a child in 1948. She was raised in Britain, where she became a physician, academic and writer. Currently, Karmi is a research fellow and lecturer at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter, UK.