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First Middle Eastern Perspectives Meeting

perspectivesFrom the incredible Rajaa Elidrissi ’16:

Come join us for our first meeting of the year!

Our group’s goal is to create a comfortable and safe space for people who identify as Middle Eastern, Arab, Persian, Turkish, and etc. We also want members that do not identify as Middle Eastern, but who are interested in learning more about the region and its people to participate as well. We want to provide a view of the region that is not tarnished by western media. Topics of discussion will include identity, religion, intersectionality, feminism, media perceptions, gender roles, and etc.

We are also part of the Student of Color Coalition and we want to collaborate with as many SOC groups as possible this year!

Date: Wednesday, September 23
Time:8:30-9:30 PM
Place: Usdan 108

Arab and Middle Eastern Students Association

AMES, the Arab and Middle Eastern Students Association, will be starting back up this year!

Randa Tawil ’09 and Amr Al-Zain ’09 write to us on its behalf:

AMES aims to provide a forum of discussion for issues relating to Arab and Middle Eastern students at Wesleyan, representing them in all their ethnicities, religions, nationalities, and various other identities, and allotting them the opportunity to share their different cultures with the wider Wesleyan community. ‘Arab and Middle Eastern Students’ additionally strives to bring speakers, lecturers, and performers to campus to academically and artistically share facets of Arab and Middle Eastern life.

If you are interested, please come to our meetings, Monday at 10pm on the comfy couches in Usdan. All are welcome.

For more information, e-mail to rtawil@wes.