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Freeman to Wes: “BRB,” Indefinite Hiatus

Joining the ranks of Wolf Parade, Fugazi, Blink 182, and System of a Down, the Freeman Athletic Center has announced an indefinite hiatus, citing irreconcilable creative differences and descent into “heavy snow load” addiction. The announcement follows years of speculation regarding the band’s alarming 1996 effort, Wall Collapses Under Heavy Snowfall, and places the status of its upcoming release, This Week’s Phys-Ed Classes, in limbo until further review.  More from publicist and Athletics Director John Biddiscombe:

Due to the heavy snow load on many of the  Freeman Athletic Center roofs,  all classes, except for those classes held in the pool, are canceled for Monday and Tuesday, February 7 and 8.  Also, the Andersen Fitness Center, Bacon Field House, Rosenbaum Squash Courts, Multi Exercise Rooms, and Silloway Gymnasium are closed indefinitely. Please check the Department of Physical Education and Athletics web site for up-to-date information regarding resumption of classes and the opening of activity spaces.

Discovah Thah Sukkah

An anonymous tip from Wesleyan’s Jewish Community:

I hope you will consider checking out Wesleyan’s award-winning Sukkah (a temporary shelter/hut built for the Jewish festival of Sukkot). Commissioned by the Wesleyan Jewish Community in 2008, the Sukkah was constructed by the students of Architecture Studio 2 and Professor Elijah Huge. The Sukkah is near the Art Library in the CFA and will be on site through Thursday, September 30th. Feel free to use the space to lounge and linger.

Students Build Audubon Bird-Watching Platform

Students in Professor Elijah Huge‘s Architecture II class last semester were commissioned by the Mattabeseck Audubon Society to design and build this split-level bird-viewing platform over a former cranberry bog in the Helen Carlson Wildlife Sanctuary in Portland, CT.

“We had been struggling with a way to provide an optimal experience at our sanctuary, especially since a colony of beavers had changed the site to such a degree that access was a serious challenge,” says Mattabeseck Audubon Society President Alison Guinness.

“This also became the challenge for Elijah Huge and his students, who have not only created a sustainable project but put in long hours under adverse conditions. When other students were enjoying the spring season, the architecture class was knee deep in mud and water, swatting mosquitoes, and dripping with sweat or rain. We were impressed by their architectural skills, professionalism and dedication to the project, and we are very grateful that our sanctuary is once again available for a unique environmental experience.”

It’s called “SplitFrame”, and there will be a reception for the project this weekend at the sanctuary if you are interested in the prospect of viewing such local birds as “Redwing Blackbirds, Scarlet Tanagers, Hooded Mergansers, and the occasional Great Blue Heron.”

Read more about the project at the Wesleyan Connection.

SplitFrame Reception
: Sunday, October 19
Time: 2 pm
Place: Helen Carlson Wildlife Sanctuary (directions here)

Make a 3D Model of Wesleyan for Google!

Vernon Thommeret ’10 is spearheading a team of students who aim to make an accurate and pleasing model of Wesleyan’s campus to enter in a competition with those of other schools across the country to win a trip to Google and a workshop with their 3D wizardfolk. There can be up to fifteen team members doing a variety of tasks.
Hunting down blueprints sound like your thing? Go Team! How about finding that perfect shot of Olin’s bricks in order to texture map onto the model? Or just some good old wireframe modeling? There’s something for everyone. (Plus, I’m looking forward to flying around campus in Google Earth tagging squirrel lairs.)

Get involved here.