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Reflections on the Recent Hospitalizations, Arrests and Wesleyan

This post is the first in a small series of reflections on the recent events on campus, to be published over the next few days. If you have anything that you would like to contribute, please feel free to reach out to us.

I am writing this in response to the traumatic and overwhelming events that have happened over the past few days – the hospitalization of a dozen students and the arrest of four others, as well as the media and institutional reactions. I hope that this can be a space of positive dialogue and solidarity, where we share our thoughts and reflections with compassion and humanity. I hope to counter the intense and destructive negativity and inappropriateness of some of the language being used to address these events in our own community, in person and online, in the media portrayals and in the administration’s emails. These events remind of us of the importance of fostering a supportive community, one that we must build on our own, as the student body.  These thoughts hope to help support that process of reconciliation, healing, and empowerment.

Photos: Wesleyan Takes Zuccotti Park at #OWS Anniversary

Now with live video from Doernberg ’13.

As we reported Monday, a small caravan of riled up Wes students and alumni hit up New York’s Zuccotti Park just in time for the first anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. According to the New York Times, at least 185 were arrested. According to aspiring social media journalist Ben Doernberg ’13, at least one of those was a Wesleyan student. Speaking of statistics, Ross Levin ’15 included another one in a Wesleying comment: “the first night of Occupy Wall St, 15% of the people sleeping in the park were Wes students.”

Because livestreaming the festivities isn’t enough, Doernberg sends in a gallery of photos, one video, and a guest post narrating his coverage of the happenings. Doernberg’s summary and gallery appear below. Scroll on if you love photos of NYPD cops looking grim.

[nggallery id=179]

NYC’s First Annual “Get Arrested” Day: An Eyewitness Account

Sorry this took freakin’ forever, guys.

As you may have heard, this Saturday those changeaholics down in Lower Manhattan threw down again, this time raging on the Brooklyn Bridge. Over the course of the weekend, estimates of the number of arrests rose from 400-500 to 700The Argus puts the number of Wesleyan students arrested at 5.

That’s about all the fair and balanced reporting you’re going to see here, folks. For a bunch of drug-addled recollections from a hippy-dippy spoiled college brat who tagged along to bum some American Spirits, click past the jump.

Party on Wall Street: Police Pepper Spray 5, Arrest 80-100 (Including Wesleyan Student)

Image from ABC News: Click on it for the article.

If you wanted it to be, yesterday was a pretty action-packed Saturday. Start off with the weekly WILD Wes and Long Lane Farm work days in the morning/early afternoon, catch the football or [American] football game[s] before taking the bus to 350 Connecticut’s Moving Earth Day event in New Haven. After fraternizing with Yalies and other assorted environmentally-concerned folk, take the bus back in time to catch most of the Ishmael show (guys: great posters, greater set) at Earth House, then continue on to numerous debauchery centers throughout the night. Take care to keep schoolwork as far from your mind as humanly possible.

But New Haven wasn’t the only activity off-campus playing host to Wesleyan students this weekend. Another group of Wesleyan students went down to New York to return to Zuccotti Park / Liberty Square, where Occupy Wall Street protests had been ongoing throughout the week and were looking forward to a weekend surge in numbers. What may not have been expected was the weekend surge in NYPD…”protection” of the public. Police used a tactic called “kettling” to splinter marching demonstrators  with nets, arresting many who (nonviolently) attempted to evade the herding tactics. Most official outlets place the number of arrests at 80, but the National Lawyers’ Guild, who has had observers standing by since the first day of the occupation, puts their count at 100. More media (and a little about the Wes student who was arrested) after the jump…

Fire Safety finds Bong on Fountain

Also in the “hide your kids, hide your wives” column today, hide your drugs.  ‘Cuz Fire Safety is coming and they know what they see.

According to a new article by The Middletown Press, the Safety Coordinator was doing fire safety checks at a house on Fountain last Wednesday (October 20) when:

they allegedly saw – in plain view – a green glass smoking device commonly refereed to as “a bong.” A small metal container marked “grinder” was also discovered, according to police. After seeing that the bong contained marijuana residue, campus officials called Middletown Police.

Two people were arrested, but they claimed the bong belonged to all of the apartment-mates.

So, what did we learn today? If you’re going to do drugs, at least hide them.

Fountain Avenue Video Footage

Priya Ghosh ’09 sends in footage from Thursday night. You can see the pepper-gas-ball gun in action at 1:52-2:10ish, firing in a semicircle. Also, the K9 Units are visible though their actions are somewhat obscured by the lighting. This all took place approx 35 minutes after the arrival of cruisers, and some time after the initial volley of teargas and pepper-gas-ball things.

Everyone keep in mind that there are still A LOT OF QUESTIONS ABOUT WHAT WENT ON.