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Divide and Conquer: An Art Installation


From Annie Choi ’15:

An art installation by Sundus Abdul Hadi about seeing our world differently, contrasting walls and divisions with imagination and hope. In collaboration with Iraqi photographer Ahmad Mousa.

The installation will be open all morning long with an informal Q&A from 12-1 in the Huss Courtyard (i.e. outside Usdan)RAIN OR SHINE!!!

Sundus Abdul Hadi is an Iraqi-Canadian multimedia artist. Her work is a subversive and sensitive documentation of current crises in the Middle East, often using manipulated photographic imagery, mixed-media painting, artist books and sound. Abdul Hadi is the co-founder of The Medium, a global multidisciplinary artist collective. It’s going to be very cool so come check it out :)

**This event is being held in conjunction with a talk at the Romance Languages Department on Monday, March 30th at 4:15**

Date: Wednesday, April 1st
Time: 10:00AM
Place: Usdan Courtyard


Silent Faces/Angkor: Gallery Opening – Postponed to February 12 Due to Snow!

Silent Faces invite draft

A message about great art (and free food) Rachel Hirsch ’15:

Come to the opening of Mary Heebner’s installation at the Mansfield Freeman Center for East Asian Studies. Includes a gallery talk by the center’s curator and a lunch buffet.

Date: Wednesday, Feb. 12 (NOTE: This event has been postponed.)
Time: 12:00 – 1:00 PM
Place: Mansfield Freeman Center for East Asian Studies
Cost: Free!

TONIGHT: Net Idol & Akujunkan – Sam Lyons’ Senior Project Showcase

From that guy ’12 and his creepy friend Neo Sora ’13:

This showcase of Sam’s capstone creative projects for East Asian Studies will start with a film screening, immediately followed by a movement performance/”living installation” at Eclectic.

NET IDOL is a short Japanese horror film co-created by Sam Lyons and Neo Sora for Professor Miri Nakamura’s Japanese Horror Fiction and Film class. It’s about a severely introverted and pathetic otaku (mega-nerds with obsessive interests, particularly in anime, manga, and video games) in love with the 2D digital representation of his net dating service ”girlfriend.”

“AKUJUNKAN: TOKYO ’96 – ‘07” is Sam’s final project for Eiko Otake (of Eiko & Koma)’s course Delicious Movement for Reflecting on Nakedness. The piece is an attempt to explore the body’s relationship with technology as well as to explore his confused identity and his experience growing up in Tokyo. It will feature both a “living installation” as well as a soundtrack of original music. ??? (‘akujunkan’) means vicious cycle.

Stick around for a few minutes after the show for a sneak preview of BEEN HAD FELT LIKE A CYBORG — the debut C¥BERGIGA EP!

Time: 8 PM
Date: Friday, May 4th
Place: Eklektik
Why: I can’t go because I have a performance tonight, but you should, these guys are like really attractive and everything maybe you’ll score if you play your cards right pretty sure going to their screening and presentation counts as playing your cards right oh i almost forgot here’s the facebook thing you should do that too

Eco Art at Usdan

The Environmental Politics seminar would like to invite you to rethink “garbage” this week!

Check out the two eco art installations outside of Usdan that are designed to help us reflect on the waste that we produce though our collective life on campus, as well as discover new and beautiful things that can be created from our trash. Most of the material was collected over the past weekend.

Take a seat in our structure and write your reflections and eco-pledges on the pad of paper provided. Also, take time to meet Wasted – our Solo cup man.

We also invite you to come inside Usdan from 11-1 any day this week to make your own eco art.  We have some supplies at our table, but we also encourage you to bring your own (e.g. the coffee cup or clam shell that you’re about to throw away).