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Common Ground: Exploring the Intersections of Environmentalism and Social Justice

common groundOlivia Won ’18 writes in:

‘Common Ground’ is a collaborative art exhibition that explores the intersections between environmental and social justice issues. This project aims to foster growth between different communities on campus and to create a space for more inclusive dialogue and collaboration. This installation features art produced by members of the Wesleyan community that speaks to a variety of environmental justice issues facing our world. Through artistic media, we hope to help repair the schism that has developed on campus between the different approaches to the environmental movement and between environmental and social justice activists.

Let’s find common ground together.

Come join us for an evening of collaboration, dance, music, spoken word, and art!

Schedule of performances/art making/workshops TBA!

FB event

Date: Wednesday, April 27
Time: 4-8 PM
Place: The Workshop

Environmental Justice Art Exhibit

Plant puppetKatie Lowen ’19 writes in:

Hi! We are currently working on a project about the intersections of environmentalism and social justice. We want to look at how art can materialize the entanglement of humans and nature and the implications of that relationship as it is lived in our world.

Our goal is to create a collective art installation and gallery show to bring the Wesleyan community together. We are interested in how art can be used as a unifying force and to facilitate interactions between social justice/environmental activism, art focused on bridging gaps.

Art submissions should address the relationship between Environmental Issues and Social Justice; they can be in the form of drawings, paintings, music, spoken word, written pieces, expressive movement, anything that you feel expresses your ideas! For performance pieces or other types of artistic expression that cannot be sent through email, please submit a proposal. We hope that we can create a space for collaboration and coalition-building with different groups across campus as we build this collection together.

Please send submissions (either art or proposal for performance) to dtpope[at]wesleyan[dot]eduowon[at]wesleyan[dot]edu, or klowen[at]wesleyan[dot]edu. The deadline is April 8th! Our tentative dates for this gallery are 4/14 or 4/21 and location is TBA.

Submission Deadline: Friday, April 8

Submit to the Subway Ride!

the subway ride soundShoko Yamada ’17 writes in:

Got creative inspirations? Looking for a non-scary, open artistic platform for your creations?

The Subway Ride is here for a shy artist like YOU!!!

Our theme for the semester is SOUND, and we are looking for prose, poetry, photography, drawing, recording, any written (in ANY language), visual, audio medium that we can publish and/or put on our blog!!!

Email us with any sumbissions or questions at: thesubwayride[at]gmail[dot]com


The Subway Ride is an all-inclusive publication that recognizes the humanity of the artistic and literary process, prioritizes celebration over criticism, and provides a common space in which individuals with different backgrounds and identities can contribute to a welcoming
artistic space. Our past contributors include Wesleyan students including lots of international students, Usdan staff workers, Middletown community members, Center for Prison Education prison scholars, and more!

Check out our previous issues and blog here: http://thesubwayride.weebly.com/

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/events/626668810807536/

Submission Deadline: After Spring Break

Karmenife Paulino ’15: On Reclamation and Other Things

Credit for this photo goes to Karmenife Paulino and Tess Altman at The Reclamation.

Credit for this photo goes to Karmenife Paulino and Tess Altman at Reclamation.

Note: This interview discusses sexual assault. It was also conducted prior to Winter Break and doesn’t reflect certain changes on campus since then. 

I knock at some small senior house right off of Cross street, and a muffled cry of, “Be right there,” can be heard from behind its chipping red door. The door opens, and this is the first and last time that I ever meet Karmenife Paulino ’15 – I follow curly, auburn hair up the narrow staircase as we say our hello’s and I am taken to her room. Her room is cozy and dim, with colored lights strung up on the left wall next to artwork and posters. My eyes graze over the mid-packing mess that I’ve interrupted, led to a mannequin in bondage gear leaning on the right wall.

She sits on her bed, crosslegged and comfortable, her body turned at an angle from mine, as I take a seat on the bottom most edge and gracelessly stumble through introductions. She’s patient as I rummage through my bag for my questions, and we begin.

What exactly is Reclamation?

Artful Lunch Series: Peter Mark

From the CFA:

One artwork, one speaker, fifteen minutes. Join the Friends of the Davison Art Center for a presentations by Professor of Art History Peter Mark about his favorite work in the Davison Art Center collection. Bring your bag lunch and enjoy conversation following the talk.

Date: Wednesday, February 24
Time: 12:10-12:30 PM
Place: Davison Art Center, Alsop House Dining Room

Rutherford Chang ’02 is the Second Best Tetris Player in the World and Also a Total Boss



While most of us can’t say that our claim to fame is beating Steve Wozniak at something, Rutherford Chang ’02 has achieved this distinction. As a Guardian article last month reported, he’s the second best Tetris player in the world – four places ahead of Wozniak with a high score of 614,094.

But Chang doesn’t play Tetris for mere procrastinating pleasure; as a visual and performance artist, he views the strategy of Tetris as mirroring the corporate workplace where repetition and competition dominate (as he told The Guardian): “Every 10 lines you complete, you advance one level and the pieces fall faster,” he says. “Eventually they fall so fast that you can’t keep up and you die… You can’t ever beat the game. It’s about squeezing in as much perfection as possible in this limited time before your inevitable death.”

If his Tetris skills and creative capitalist critique weren’t enough, Chang made news back in 2013 as the primary collector of first pressings of The Beatles’s The White Album. His installation “We Buy White Albums” displayed 100 of the staggering 1,394 copies he now owns. I decided I’d have to investigate Chang’s awesomeness further so I hit him up for a quick chat about Tetris, The White Album, and his art. Hit the jump for our interview on all things Rutherford.

The Workshop, Wesleyan’s Resident Badass Collective Art Space, Now Open

IMG_4344 (comp)

For those of you who have not been in the loop with the things, there is now a student-run arts collective and space on campus called the Workshop. The space resides in the basement of Hewitt 8, formerly home to a ResLife satellite office (and your fave AC Krystal).

The organizers released a collective statement about the intentions of the space during their Saturday night opening:

Opening and Gallery Talk: “Light of the East” Exhibition

light of the east exhibitionFrom the CFA and the Center for East Asian Studies:

Prominent Korean digital artists Youngho Kim and Jisong Lee examine the “beauty of movement in silence” through photography and video in their first exhibition outside Korea. Both artists build on their long careers in fashion and commercial work to create works that examine the core principals hiding behind what we see, and provide an opening to re-explore, in a contemporary light, the topic of whether the world that we are living in is a dream.

A luncheon buffet will be served following the gallery talk by Curator Patrick Dowdey.

Date: Wednesday, February 3
Time: 12-1 PM
Place: College of East Asian Studies Gallery

More info on the CEAS website.

Student-Run Art Space Interest Meeting

From Rachel Day ’16:

A few of us have been working to create a student-run shared art space on campus. We’ve secured a physical location in Hewitt 8 and a construction crew is putting on the finishing touches. It will soon be available for use, but before that happens: we want to open this project up to the community.

We will be meeting this Sunday, January 31st in PAC 001 at 4 pm to share the work we’ve done so far and to lay out the work that has yet to be accomplished. We would love for this to be a community effort based on creative discussion, exchange, imagining, and dreaming. We hope to see you there, and please feel free to bring along those you think might be interested. Any level of input/involvement would be so appreciated, whether that means being a core part of this effort or just giving some feedback for an hour or so on Sunday.

We embark on this endeavor with the recognition that our campus needs so much more and with the aim that this space can move us just the smallest bit closer to the community we hope to live in.

Please get in touch if you have any questions. See you soon!
-Rachel Day, Isaac Schneider, Tess Altman, Paola Maseda, Christian Black, and Angus Macdonald

Date: Sunday, January 31st
Time: 4-5 pm
Place: PAC 001

Opening Reception + Exhibition – We Chat: A Dialogue in Contemporary Chinese Art

Image: Pixy Yijun Liao, "The King Under Me," 2011, digital c-print, 34 x 44 x 2 inches, courtesy of the artist.

Image: Pixy Yijun Liao, “The King Under Me,” 2011, digital c-print, 34 x 44 x 2 inches, courtesy of the artist.

Some information first about the opening reception from Andrew Chatfield:

Come join us for the debut of an exhibition by ten emerging artists from Beijing, Shanghai and New York that will include paintings, installations, video art, photography, and an artist-designed video game. This exhibition debuts at Wesleyan, and features works by Sun XunJin ShanMa QiushaLu YangBo WangPixy Liao, Liu ChuangShi ZhiyingGuo Xi, and Yan Xing. The exhibition is curated by Guest Curator Barbara Pollack.

Date: Tuesday, January 26th (Snow Date: January 27th)
Time: 4:30 PM
Place: Ezra and Cecile Zilkha Gallery, 283 Washington Terrace

And now for in-depth information about the exhibition sponsored by the CEAS: