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Mural Painting in the UOC

The ever delightful Alma Eppchez ’14 wants your creative juices:

We have supplies now we need artist. If you’ve ever have you wanted to create lasting artwork for a location on campus this is your chance.We will have an initial meeting to plan the content and style. The wall will be split up into about 16 smaller canvases that will be painted separately by 16 individuals or small groups. The UOC is hoping to get as many people from as many different communities on campus that use the UOC or could use the UOC involved. We hope for this to be a visual archive for future Wes kids of what the issues and movements present and past that Wesleyan students cared about in 2012? Tell your friends, come with an idea or just come willing to be inspired.

Date: Sunday, November 18th
Time: 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Place: University Organizing Center, 190 High St

Post Creative Classifieds

Anonymous Artistic-type ’12 wants you to post some classified information (kinda):

Need crew for your film? Actors for your play? Musicians for your band? Collaborators for your meta-installation?
Let people know. Post some classifieds here.

[Note: this particular blogger is baffled by the picture submitted. Maybe a ‘meta-installation?’ Feel free to explain it to hir in the comments.]