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Class of ’16 Learns the Fight Song

From the Wesleyan photo Tumblr comes video footage of the Class of 2016 learning the Wesleyan Fight Song. From the photos, Arya Alizadeh ’13 appears to be co-leading the effort, alongside tireless alumni director John Driscoll ’62. It’s not the first time Alizadeh has been photographed in such a position. Extra credit to any frosh who can correctly identify which is class of 2013 and which is class of 1962.

Here’s another “Wesleyan Fight Song” worth learning. All photos below by campus photographer Olivia Drake, via Facebook. Our Arrival Day photos are here.

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Candidate Statement: Arya Alizadeh ’13 and Sam Ebb ’13

Earlier this week, we posted a WSA presidential candidate statement that we received in support of Anwar Batte ’13, the apparent dark horse candidate of the election season. We also put out an open call for campaign submissions. Here’s what we’ve received from challenging party Arya Alizadeh ’13 and Sam Ebb ’13. Spoiler warning: scroll to the end if you just want Arya’s number.

For slightly more obnoxious election coverage, don’t miss our group interview with the candidates and liveblog coverage of the presidential debate.

Dreaming of a Better Wes? Arya and Sam. We’ll Take You There

We’ve heard your complaints about the WSA and about Wesleyan. We want to fix them and we’re ready to take the WSA in a better direction than it’s been going.

Does anyone actually know what the WSA does? Does anyone know who the WSA is?……hmm?…didn’t think so. That’s a problem we want to fix.

How? Vote for us and we will:

Roth –> WSA –> Usdan 108 <--> HEAD EXPLOSION

Legend has it the only and only REAL_MROTH will be making a surprise guest appearance at tonight’s WSA meeting to spread the Thanksgiving cheer, drop some blues jams, and discuss appropriations of Hegel in twentieth-century France. Or something like that, according to WSA coordinator Arya Alizadeh ’13:

Michael Roth will be coming to tonight’s WSA meeting. He will be coming at 8:30 PM and will be answering students questions and concerns as well as talking about this past weekend’s Board of Trustees meeting.

WSA meetings happen every Sunday evening at 7:00 PM in Usdan 108 and we reserve the first part of meeting for community open forum where you can come and voice your opinion about any campus issue. But tonight, important thing to remember: Roth at 8:30 in Usdan 108.

Date: Tonight
Time: Right freaking now (Roth takes the stage at 8:30 PM prompt)
Place: Usdanforth Quayle 108

Socially Responsible Investment Coalition passes its resolution

As a follow up to an earlier event post, it bears to note that this evening, the WSA voted in the passage of the Endowment Transparency Resolution that was submitted last week by the Socially Responsible Investment Coalition (SRIC). (For anyone keeping scores, it was near unanimous with 3 abstentions.)

Do you know what this even means? Or what’s the SRIC in the first place? Or who’s that hot guy with the bushy bush hair on the left?

Well, neither do we.

But tune in sometime next week (or maybe later, maybe sooner, depending if I can get my class shit done in time) for HISTORY TIME WITH YO MAIN BROSKI, FROSTEDMOOSE, in which we attempt to figure out what this hubbub is all about. If our budget allows, we may even have guest appearances by Bill Nye the Science Guy ’16 and Big Bird P’05 (not to be confused with AJ “Big Bird” Hinds ’12).

As a side note, the WSA should really make their open meetings more Michael Bay. Arya Hat-Guy ’13, though interesting, is no Shia LaBeef.