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Open Outreach Session @ East Asian Studies Center

The great wave

From Daniel Plafker ’15:

Promote Asian culture and art to adorable children at the East Asian Studies Center Outreach Program’s open house this Friday! Throughout the semester, our program receives groups of kids from across the region to learn about Asian culture from Wesleyan students. We lead activities ranging from arts & crafts to music, food, dancing, and games. Also the kids are really cute, which is a bonus.

If you’re interested in potentially joining the program (it’s paid!) or just wanna see what its all about, we invite you to join us this Friday to observe, help out, and play with the kiddies.

Date: Friday, February 8th
Time: 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Place: East Asian Studies Center (Washington and Mt. Vernon Street)
Cost: Free
Facebook link: Link

Michael Roth Finds Self in Asia, Hints at “New January Programs”

Yes, that’s President Roth chilling in Korea’s Namsan Park with William Choi ’89. According to the @WesConnected Twitter, Roth is wandering through Asia between now and January 18 on a mission to find himself meet with “alumni and friends” for official Wesleyan business purposes:

You can follow along with Roth’s visit at this Facebook album, which also includes an image of Roth meeting with the Wesleyan Korea (WesKo) alumni group for a discussion of how Wesleyan can “continue to strengthen its global network, raise its visibility among prospect students in Korea, and make curricular advances while working in a more sustainable model.” Apparently more Presidential Receptions are planned in Seoul, Beijing, Hong Kong and Bangkok. If you live in one of these cities, please go to one of these events and then send us a selfie with Michael Roth.

In other Roth Dog news, the president’s latest blog post comments on Wesleyan’s impossibly long winter breaks and hints at possible plans for “new January programs” that could definitely get in the way of your day-long Boys Meets World Netflix marathons: 

LiNK Meeting

From Esther Pak ’13:

Are you interested in human rights? Do you know about the humanitarian crisis in North Korea? If you are even remotely curious, we’d love to have you at LiNK’s first meeting of the year!

Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) is the umbrella organization that works hands on to provide humanitarian assistance to North Korean refugees who have escaped the repressive regime by ensuring them the resources to rebuild their lives and secure a brighter future. Wesleyan’s chapter of LiNK serves to raise campus awareness about the people’s crisis in North Korea and contribute funds to efforts on the ground.

We encourage you to bring your friends and come get more information especially if you’re interested in East Asian Studies, International Relations, and organizing events on campus. We need all the help we can get!

Princeton in Asia Recruiting Event

Tryna teach English in Asia next year? Ari Wolfe ’03 dares you to prove it:

Calling all seniors! What are you doing next year? Come out to the Princeton in Asia info session to learn about the possibilities of
having an adventure in one of 18 countries around Asia. No previous language experience necessary to apply! Bring your questions and your sense of adventure.

Date: Tuesday, September 18
Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Place: CRC
Cost: Free

Resonance Info Session

From Nandita Vijayaraghavan ’13, who may or may not have something or another to do with Asia:

Are you interested in East Asia?
South East Asia?
Then you should come for the Resonance Info Session! Resonance is the student run East/Southeast Asian journal that covers EVERYTHING East related- from music to academics, to photography and even personal essays! We’re looking for an editorial team, so if you’re interested, all you have to do is come to the info session with a little blurb about why you want to be an editor and what you would bring to the table! Email nvijayaragha(at)wesleyan(dot)edu if you have any questions.
But most of all…


Date:   Tomorrow, Oct. 19
Time:   5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Place:  Usdan 110

Calling All Artists!

The entire campus is invited to contribute to an art exhibition, which will also double as the atmospheric setup for Chana, a dance party themed on new urban Asia. The rave,which blends Asian culture, visual conception, dance music, and interactive art instillations will be held at Eclectic on Saturday, April 16th. Tickets cost $3. The student body is encouraged to come to 200 High Street anytime before Saturday to paint, draw, or sketch anything that they desire on space that has been provided by the organizers of the event. The artistic contributions of the wider Wesleyan community will collectively decorate the interior design of the event.

Date: All day Saturday, the 16th
Time: 9pm
Place: Eclectic Haus
Cost: $3 to dance, free to design