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Atlas Sound Postponed Because of You Know What

Bring Dylan your ticket tomorrow for a refund.

Hoping to celebrate the end of Hurricane Sandy with Bradford Cox in the Chapel Thursday night? Bad news. The Atlas Sound show is postponed because of Sandy, but Dylan Bostick ’13 will be on hand in Usdan tomorrow to refund your ticket:

WAIT NEVERMIND. The show is being postponed due to Hurricane Sandy. He will not be able to make it up for the show. Instead, bring me your ticket tomorrow at Usdan and I will give you your $5 back. So sorry everyone, look for the show in December or January…

Date: Thursday, November 1
Time: 10 pm
Place: Memorial Chapel
Cost: $5

Oneohtrix Point Bada$$: An October Concert Preview

What do How To Dress Well, The Soft Moon, DIIV, Atlas Sound, and Joey Bada$$ have in common?

One month into school, we’re well into the swing of things: academics, buffoonery, weather, slacktivism, impromptu Peter Yarrow singalongs. Impossibly sleek after its über-hip Prince Rama-guested launch party, Aural Wes is also back in action after a month of hibernating, freshly redesigned with some friendly pine trees in the background to boot. There’s also the upcoming shows calendar page—kind of like the Film Board calendar, except it doesn’t pop up in the background of all of your dorm room pregame photo shoots. Can you dig it?

Thus far, Wesleying has been diligently covering the fall’s musical offerings on a post-morten basis, from Laura Stevenson and Top 40 Cover Band and Plume Giant to our own mini-Insanity Weekend of sorts (Danny Brown, Prince Rama, R. Stevie Moore) to Thursday’s evening with Ben Seretan ’10 and Oneohtrix Point Never. We haven’t, though, given much attention to what lies ahead. And there’s a lot of it. So in the spirit of previous Wesleying concert previews and the newly revamped Aural Wes, here’s a (by no means exhaustive or comprehensive) glimpse at the lineup between now and mid-November. (No, not just October. I lied.) Scroll on for the lineup.