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Auditions for THEA183: Directed Experiences in Acting

Life a little lackluster? Theatrics of the new school year just not doing it for you? Maybe it’s time to jump into some non-binge-drinking-induced drama…

Via Emmie Finckel ’14:

Students of the class will perform in scenes directed by students from THEA281 Directing I. You will work with a student director onyour scene and present it every other week on Friday afternoon. This .5 course is not a regular acting class and therefore is not a substitute for either Acting I or Acting II. There is no in-class teaching or training; your learning process in this class will come from the practical work with Directing I students outside the class and in-class presentations. At the same time, this class is a great way to become familiar with the Theater department and participate in its acting program.

No prior acting experience is necessary, all years and levels of experience are welcome. Please, keep in mind that approximately 6-8 hours rehearsal time per week is required.