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Photos: Underground Seattle Grunge Trio Takes Eclectic By Storm

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and nothing spells romance like Kurt and Courtney, amirightoramiwrong?

Last year’s much-heralded Weezer cover band is on indefinite hiatus for the time being (inside scoop: they tried to take on Pinkerton, had an emotional breakdown, went into seclusion, and enrolled at Harvard), and I haven’t heard much from The Strokes in a while, but ’90s nostalgia freaks need not fear: the unholy trinity that is Blink-182 (Dink 583, if you’re keeping score), Misfits, and Nirvana took the stage at Eclectic last Friday night and ripped off Pixies like it’s 1991. Seriously: they played about half of Nevermind, and that one song about chopping up eyebrows or whatever. It was rad.

I grabbed a few photos from Nirvana’s spirited set; they appear below. If you got photos from any of the others, send them to us at staff(at)wesleying(dot)org. Click on for a brief video clip of “Debaser” as well. 

Y’all Get Back Now: The 2012 Wellesleying Concert Preview

“Now wait a minute. Now wait a minute—wait a, wait a, wait a minute. Wait—wait a minute.”

“If you book it, they will come.” Tommy Lee Costner delivered that iconic line in 1989’s Field of Wolves, and it has never rung more true: Wesleyan’s upcoming bootypoppin’ concert lineup has got the back to make the beat go boom.

Seriously, though: while you were catching some sun in Bermuda over break (or Bergen County, as the case may be), a small army of chimpanzees committed Wesleyan concert-bookers was working day and night to put together a spring concert calendar fit to set a New Orleans-based sissy-bounce queen on fire. (And fresh off a semester whose warmest pleasures included Wye Oak and Dodos, Wild Flag and Balam Acab, Julianna Barwick and The Generationals, it probably says something that this schedule is arguably better.) If you missed Ty Segall or AraabMuzik, rest assured: that was the prologue. The insanity continues tonight, with Dustin Wong’s loop-driven guitar hypnosis at Eclectic Hauuuuus.

In conjunction with Aural Wes’s own concert preview, here’s a glance at everything you’re gonna miss while you’re abroad. It’s certainly not comprehensive—this only really covers the next month or so, and particularly excludes usual-suspect Wesleyan performers—but is pure, uncut bouncalicious. Cuz, like, uptown is trying to shake, nahmean? 

Ty Segall Breaks Hearts, Bass Drums, Vocal Mics, More Hearts

Three cheers for Ty Segall, the San Fran-based one-man-band garage-rocker who, despite a broken bass drum pedal and myriad other technical difficulties, brought love, sweat, and Black Sabbath covers to the Eclectic dining room last night.

Forget Segall’s latest, 2011’s sludgy if uncharacteristically restrained Goodbye Bread. Even without a backing band, Segall’s live show is a hell of a lot less hinged, cycling—unaccompanied—through solo originals, Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid,” and that one screaming blues cover that I think maybe is in Goodfellas (help, guys?) with equal abandon. Ty’s bass drum crashed, but the audience filled in graciously. All in all, way to kick off 2012’s freakish concert lineup. (More on this soon.) (Sadly, I missed Featherwood Bee, but post your impressions/photographs/videofilms/love notes/ransom letters in the comments.)

Images below—click on for an appropriately dark and muddy video clip, so you too can party like it’s 2001.

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Friendsome -> Linus -> Lioness

Guys… that concert at Earth House last Friday. Maybe you went to it?

That band that live-tweeted its recent recording sessions. Maybe you heard about it?

Did you know that those guys (Lioness) were these guys (Linus) all along?!

That’s right – with a new name and a newish Twitter feed, one of Wesleyan’s most well-known Gangs of Slightly More than Four are reasserting their presence, finals be damned. The bros to end all bros have finally released one of their classics, Flying Goodnight (from lead vocalist and guitarist Dema Paxton Brofang ’13: “it’s pretty much the first song we’ve ever written together.”), for popular consumption. And boy, is it sumptuous. This polished cut is decadent, savory, and other words normally used to describe food. …cut me some slack, y’all. I’m not a professional music writer like some people, okay?

Just in case you were wondering, Lioness are Jason Katzenstein ’13, John Snyder ’12, Dylan “Adrien DeFontaine ’13” Bostick ’13, Ethan Young ’13,  and the aforementioned D.P.B. For more on The Flyness Lioness, check out a transcription of their oral arguments at Oral Wes.

You could also try Aural Wes, if you feel weird about clicking that.


EDIT: For all you scrobblers out there: Lioness is also a name belonging to multiple bands, like Linus. Damn it all. Damn it all to hell.

Tan Vampires @ Eclectic w/ Treasure Island

Sean McCarthy ’14 writes in about an “unholy alliance of mountain-man beards and electronic equipment” goin’ down at Eclectic tonight. Plus, post-WestCo faves Treasure Island are in the house, and their so-fresh-so-clean “Be My Baby” cover, too. More from Aural Wes

Backed by an unholy alliance of mountain-man beards and electronic equipment, all fronted by a tender falsetto, Tan Vampires will be coming to Wesleyan to bring their own jam-band sensibilities to the stage.

Opening the night will be Wesleyan favorites, Treasure Island. Their singer Faith Harding is fresh off her unreal solo debut in Memorial Chapel opening for Julianna Barwick (watch this shit if you remain a lonely skeptic), and the rest of the band is tighter than ever. If there were ever a reason to get out of your house early to get to a show, it is to see this up-and-coming four piece cover “Be My Baby.”

Ready thyself for the blistering vocals of Jake Mehrmann and some serious beards.  New Hampshire’s in the house!

Date: Tonight, Oct 14
Time: 9 pm – 1 am
Place: Eclectic
Cost: Free
Links: TV, TI


    Thursday night: former Sleater-Kinney/Helium/Minders members + current Real Estate member converge for riot grrrl/garage rock/lo-fi extravaganza. Tickets $5, available online now.

    This just in from the Wesleyan Concert Gods: Wild Flag, the critically acclaimed new supergroup allying ex-members of seminal riot grrrl acts Sleater-Kinney and Helium with Rebecca Cole of The Minders, is set to perform at Eclectic this Thursday in what will almost certainly be the loudest show this side of Lightning Bolt.

    Ducktails, the reverb-drenched project of Real Estate’s Matthew Mondanile, is set to open, along with Wesleyan’s own Grand Father.

    Tickets are available online now. Pickup will be in Usdan later this week for $5. More deets/vids/links below.

    Amanda Palmer on Performance Art, “Wesleyan Fight Song,” Being Covered in Fake Blood

    “I wanted to write a mock Wesleyan fight song. And then I heard the actual Wesleyan fight song, and it wasn’t very interesting, so I just wrote a song about torching the school.”

    Shortly before Amanda Palmer ’98 took to the stage (err, floor) for last Friday’s intimate “ninja gig” at Eclectic, Aural Wes’ Waka Flocka Feinstein ’13 caught wind via Wesleying of the performer’s surprise presence on campus. A longtime fan of Palmer’s work, the film major and Static Stamina frontman acted fast: he grabbed his camera, temporarily unprivatized his Twitter, and set up an interview within the half hour in one simple tweet:

    The result, which surfaced on Aural Wes earlier today, is a fascinating and darkly hilarious conversation focused largely on a topic previously shrouded in mystery and taboo: Palmer’s experiences at Wesleyan in the ’90s—and just why they were traumatic enough to warrant a scathing (if hilarious) bastardization of the Wesleyan Fight Song.

    GENERATIONALS @ Eclectic 2nite

    Nathaniel Draper ’12 writes in to Wesleying:

    Hey come on this is a concert come on!

    Boonmee monkeys got you down? This Thursday night (tonight?!), latin jazz-stomp and world shoegaze aficionados GENERATIONALS come to the Electric house of rock n’ roll music to woo you with all sorts of THE BEST DAMNED SORTS OF INDIE ROCK HORN INFUSED DANCING SHIT OH MAN IT’S AWESOME, and in a sincere word of council I would be damned sure to be there if I were you.

    Wye Oak @ Eclectic

    Can anyone read the license plate on that van for me? It's really, really important. Thanks.

    Salutations, dudes. Duo Week at Eclectic Haus rolls on – JEFF brothered up the ‘hood this Tuesday, Bestival had at least two pair playin’ for the (substantial) crowds last night, and tonight, Dem Wye Oak Boyz roll into town peddlin’ some indie folk jams (with just a little more keyboard backing than you might expect from a two-piece). The deets, from regular Wesleying contributor Do not include name and class year in post ‘??:

    Alt.-folk rock duo Wye Oak will be coming to campus this Saturday. Widely known for their shoegazy/creative guitar melodies and powerful drums, Wye Oak separates themselves from the other rock bands out there and create a truly unique sound. Forget other plans. Come to Eclectic Saturday and enjoy their awesome sounds. Treasure Island will be opening. More details at Aural Wes.

    Date: Sept. 10 – Sept. 10
    Time: 9:00 PM – Bedtime
    Place: Eclectic
    Cost: $000.00 (If you guys haven’t been paying attention, there hasn’t been a single student-organized concert so far with a cover price. Awesome!)

    Supplementary information after the jump:


    Sky Stallbaumer ’12 and a small crew of dedicated bloggers have worked hard this summer to completely revamp the Aural Wes website. The new Aural Wes includes myriad new features and improvements on old ones that seek to make the site a user friendly and informative platform for Wesleyan’s uniquely vital music scene.

    The website has been divided into six sections for maximum accessibility and clarity. The sections are as follows: What’s On Campus//Calendar//For Concert Bookers//Contacts//For Agents//FAQs. It should perhaps be evident that these sections aren’t geared exclusively towards students on campus, but for concert promoters, outside bands, agents etc.

    What’s On Campus

    The WOC section contains the subdivisions, “Bands” and “Old Friends”, as well as a section homepage displaying various articles.