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Awesomefest 2015


From Alex Lee ’17:

Are you after fame, fortune, and/or pizza? Wanna be the next Das Racist or MGMT? Do you long to fulfill your childhood/freshman year dreams of being in band? Gather your best friends, strangers in Usdan, all your secret crushes, start a band, and play in Awesomefest!

Awesomefest is a music festival/battle of the bands for music makers of all kinds (bands/rappers/DJs/pop stars) who have never before played a show. Anyone can play!!!

Groups will play 2-3 songs (10-15 minutes of music) each and then the winner will get a pizza! Yay!

To sign up: submit your band name, a list of members, band set-up, and a demo (bandcamp, soundcloud, iphone recording, anything you have) to teamauralwes[at]gmail[dot]com.

If you have any questions, you can also email Alex (aclee[at]wesleyan[dot]edu) or Michelle (mrosen01[at]wesleyan[dot]edu).

Date: Saturday, November 21
Time: 10:00 PM – 12:30 AM
Place: BuHo (Buddhist House)
Facebook Event: Right here!

Sky Bars EP Release


Your friendly neighborhood band Sky Bars just released their first (and likely last) EP. You can give it a listen HERE.

Sky Bars got started three years ago when we played our first gig at the 2012 Awesomefest.  Over the past years, we’ve come to develop more cohesion and gain a better sense of the sound we aspire to, and a huge part of that development has been thanks to our friends and classmates who have come out to support us at our shows and motivated us to write and perform music that sounds good, feels good, and grooves hard. Some of our best memories have been at those concerts.  Sadly, the Sky Bars era may come to a close rather soon, as many of our members graduate this May.  As a result, we offer this EP to commemorate these past years and say thanks to everyone who has enjoyed and supported our music.  All the tracks are original, and they represent a small selection of our favorite tunes that have come out of our time together, some old and some new.  Please listen, download, dance hard, and share with your friends.  Much love to you all!
Will Fraker ’14, Tory Mathieson ’14, Jessica Best ’14 <3’s Jeff Berman ’14, Derek Frank ’15, Gabe Beaudoin ’15, Nate Campagne ’15, Eriq Robinson ’15, Julia Chanin ’15

Photos: Awesomefest Holds Contest for Worst Band, Everybody Wins

Future employers, meet Master of Ceremonies J**e W****y.


Awesomefest seems to finally have a unified purpose behind its name, and it’s not what the non-ironically-minded might expect. The event at Eclectic, the various incarnations of which I’ve attended at many junctures during my time at Wesleyan, always seemed torn between genuinely debuting new bands and the joke acts of usually talented music majors and other prominent musicians. This year, though, the jokier bands truly got my attention, and perhaps exhibited greater creativity by breaking out of the confines of good music — if it could even be called music at all.

There was Zak Malik ’14 attempting to play drums while singing “Levels” by AVICII at the same time. The vocals got the short end of the stick, coming out more like “DA-DUN-DUN-DUN-DUN-DUN, DUN-DUN-DUN-DUNH-DA-DA-DUNH-DUNH” than anything tuneful. There was Malik’s Lion King song cover band with Henry Molofsky ’13 (who just did a Music thesis that I’m sure was wonderful and had a lot of serious value) that butchered the songs and couldn’t remember half of the lyrics. About halfway through “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King,” there appeared to be smoke streaming from Malik’s keyboard in my pictures; I showed the pictures to the kid next to me, and after a big misunderstanding he ended up asking the sound guy if there was anything wrong – but it only turned out to be the sound guy’s cigarette.

Stephan Stansfield ’13 and Rachel Connor ’13 (now ’14) — returning, happily, to the Wesleyan music scene after a long absence — played a surf rock song about being “back in the UAE” that devolved into a paean to the pleasures of boofing. A band called “Bryan J. ft. Travis Porter,” which included Molofsky, Aaron Khandros ’13, Bennett Kirschner ’13, and Connor, delivered what one fellow audience member opined was “the worst music [he] had ever heard,” with Kirschner screaming at the top of his lungs.  There was a strip show that ended with mashed bananas all over the floor and A-Batte somewhere under the stage, along with the microphone.

It’s 4:20, Make Some Music for Awesomefest

Yo, don’t front like you weren’t wondering if this was gonna even happen this year (too bad for PNK@DKE…). Dyl Bossy ’13 sends in word of this storied event one last time:


Awesomefest is back with
14 all new bands.
2 stages.
1 night.
1 MC.
??? judges.
1 winner.
1 prize:
1 pizza party.
? fame.

First 14 bands to submit a band name, demo, band members, and stage set-up to teamauralwes(a)gmail(do)com get to play.


Date: May 3, 2013
Time: 9 PM – 1 AM
Place: Historical Eclecticism Society, 200 High St.
Zuckerbook: Zuck Away

Midwin Scusco and Vices

From Nick Joseph ’13:

This Saturday, two of Awesomefest’s finest, Midwin Scusco and Vices, will be playing their second shows.

Midwin Scusco is not only a Spanish time traveler from the year 2050, but also a band that plays music. Band members include, and are
usually limited to, E Jones ’13, John McGlynn ’13, Shivan “Shivs” Bhavnani ’13Will “Dill Wavis” Davis ’13, and our esteemed visitor from New Hampshire, Zac Carr.

Vices plays rock that will get you/the general surrounds all hot and bothered. This fearsome foursome includes Emily Ibarra ’13, Isabel Bernstein ’13, Nick Joseph ’13 and Tennessee Mowery ’14. \m/ \m/.

The whole affair is planned to be short and sweet (quality over quantity), so make sure to stop by before it’s over.

Time: Tonight, 10:30 p.m. – 12 a.m.
Music House 316 Wash
Facebook Event. 

NITIC’S CROTEBOOK: You Can Lead a Horse to Awesomefest

But you can’t make him liveblog the damn thing in a timely fashion.

After like six days or whatever and no announcement of victory, I think it’s reasonably safe to conclude that there is no winner of Awesomefest Part Deux except for you, dear reader and participant, who weathered scars and scabs, technical difficulties and nonexistent rehearsals, horse masks and tinnitus, to bring us thirty-two (32) wholly singular, unique, occasionally dreadful, fleeting bursts of frenzied inspiration in the form of synth-pop duos and post-dubstep avant-poetry outfits, progalicious ensembles and environment-core ukulele-strummers, Civil War folk singers and cacophonous rockabilly freaks, funkadelic crowd-pleasers and something called “Slutbuckets.”

Never mind. Awesomefest Part Deux ruled, almost as much as Awesomefest Part One. Special thanks to all 262,026 bands who came out and participated!!!!!!11

Commentary and photo coverage from A (largely unsubstantial) to Z (real live music journalist) post-jump.


You may have heard the rumors. Statistically it is likely you are in one of the bands. AWESOMEFEST IS HAPPENING AGAINTOMORROW.

This Awesomefest has more bands than you can throw a drumstick at. That’s right, there are (as of this writing) THIRTY-ONE BANDS.

Come support your buddies in this epic rawk festival. Weschella. Wesopalooza. Wesaroo. Westock.

  • Date: Friday February 24, 2011
  • Time: 9pm-2am
  • Place: Eclectic (Ballroom/Dining Room)

Set times and many silly band names after the jump.


“Welcome to Awesomefest, where novelty-bordering-on-experimentation rules the day along with Whatever Crazy Loud Shit Howe’s Doing Now, Holy Fuck”

Saturday. 11.12.11. In which, by some divine decree, WestCo’s 8th Day of the Week and Eclectic’s Awesomefest are to take place on the same majestic Saturday, in one phantasmic explosion of sex, drugs, and chillwave. In which Wesleying’s adjunct associate Giant R. Joint Critic of Arts and Entertainment/reluctant birthday boy A-Batte sets out to witness, ponder, and document all things musical in a 12-hour span while both moshing and taking notes but not developing severe tinnitus. In which Teebs shows up, drops more Brainfeeder than Jamaica’s got mangoes, kicks bottom, and leaves. In which eleven mighty bands form for one dizzying array of talent, cacophony, and running-back-and-forth-between-two-stages. In which We Are Chants! We! Are! Chants! We! Are! Chants! We! Are! Chants! In which Wesleyan’s music scene does what it’s supposed to do.

Yeah, whatever. Scroll on for full coverage: words by A-Batte, images by Zach and Rachel Pincus ’13, and musics by You. Great job, You! Let’s do it again sometime. (This spring, mayhaps, rumor has it?)

Awesomefest! at Eclectic

The Eclectic-hosted annual music festival Awesomefest! returns to Eclectic on November 12th. Support new music at Wesleyan University. Witness future MGMTs, Das Racists, and Santigolds.

Two Stages. Fourteen Bands. Your Mind, Fucking Blown. Winner receives a STRAIGHT CA$H PRIZE. Second place gets a Japanese Fighting Fish. Come early, stay late, and dance for your friends. Each band gets 20 minutes. Click past the jump for full lineup of acts.


Wanna be cool? Wanna be, like, JARED LETO COOL??? Start a band, Wesleyan, and become the next big Das Racist.  You know where super awesome people Bear Hands got their start? Awesomefest.* You’re only three power chords and a pale chick drummer who might be your sister or wife away from screaming fans and everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Dylan Bostick ’13 wants to help your fledgling Management become an omnipresent/omnipotent MGMT.


The annual Eclectic-held music festival returns to Wesleyan on February 25th!

The premise of Awesomefest is simple: Bands/Rappers/Pop Stars who have never before played a show will compete by playing 2 or 3 songs (about 10-15 minutes worth of music) to win a straight ca$h fucking prize! Or, in the case that you win second place, a fucking pizza! Anyone can play! So pull those keytars and kazoos at of your asses and form some god-damned bands!

If you’re interested in playing, please email me (Dylan Bostick) at dbostick(at)wesleyan(dot)edu by February 11th.  Let me know your band’s name, set-up and description.

\m/    \m/