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Paid Nude Modeling Opportunity

dat ass.If you didn’t feel so perturbed by the idea of an Olin voyeur, maybe this modeling opportunity is for you, via Miles Cornwall ’15:

Interested in making some easy money?
here is the way, Nude Modelling for drawing I
class time 10.00-12.30 or 1.10-3.40 Tues/Thur
if interested contact
Miles Cornwall
or Adjua Pryor

Date: Now until the end of the semester
Time: 10:00-12:30 or 1:10-3:40 Tuesday/Thursday
Place: Drawing Studio

CFA Pipe Explodes; Buildings Remain Without Water

2013-02-05 14.34.20

Though huge mounds of dirt and a tractor have recently occupied the CFA adjacent Jackson Field, this scene is not due to any planned renovations in the area. Rather, it’s the result of the explosion of an underground water main.

Yesterday in the CFA complex, a pipe, seemingly connected to the Art Workshops, burst, causing flooding as well as the loss of running water in other CFA buildings. The break seems to have hit the basement level print shop the hardest, causing fellow blogger wieb$ to describe the spectacle as an “awash print room.” Although no senior thesis work was damaged, it’s been reported that some professors have lost work.

Though the building is dry right now, as the signs awkwardly plastered on the AWKS bathroom might inform you, the workshops, along with most of the other CFA buildings, have no water.

Wondering where the nearest bathroom might be? The Theater and Dance Studios don’t seem to have been affected and have running water. Photos after the jump.

Drawing Co-op

Alexis Moh ’15 sends in one of the most casual calls for nude models of all time:

Drawing co-op starts back up this Monday/tomorrow! Figure drawing and
free food. All skill levels welcome.

Also recruiting nude models

Date: Tomorrow, September 17th
Time: 4:30-6 PM
Place: AWKS107 (Awkward Workshop, Room 107 – across from the Zilkha Gallery)