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Prefrosh Do Kewl Thingz: Call for Submissions

Earlier today Wesleying’s own Solomon posted a sweet rundown of the illustrious music accomplishments of really-excited-to-(almost)-be-here prefrosh Adrian Simon ’15. I personally found it more interesting to read about than Kanye’s upcoming music projects (although I kind of think the entirety of English literature culminates with this tweet: “I just threw some bassoon on this motherfucker”). In case you missed this important addendum:

In the meantime, be there any other pre-frosh who are doing cool and crazy shit in (or out of) their respective college-preparatory facilities, please let us know at staff(at)wesleying(dot)org, and we’ll make sure to turn the Wes community onto it.  It’s not even two months before WesFest and we’re already damn psyched to have you guys.

Yes, you read that right: Wesleying isn’t just here to make fun of you nutsy prefrosh (although we do that, too [link, link, and best link everrr (parentheses are fun)])—we want to celebrate your accomplishments, cuz we know you do cool shit, cuz you managed to get into this school, and that takes more talent than it did when I got in, which occurred in a previous decade (whoah). We know you read this blog, too. (At least when you get sick of chancing male applicants from India on CollegeConfidential.) So why not tell us about your fascinating pre-Wesleyan lives?