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Recycle the Sun: A Q&A With E. Oks

back up black out

If you haven’t heard Evan Okun ’13’s, otherwise known as E. Oks, new album Back Up, Black Out, you’re seriously depriving yourself. Available for free on his Bandcamp, Okun’s album encapsulates his outlook on life with smooth rhymes atop a soundscape of samples and carefully crafted beats. Oh, and it’s rife with Weskids. Like, on every track. I chatted with Okun about the album, the inspiration and process behind it, the videos it’s spawned. I got to dig into his mind and it was pretty dope – here’s the product.

E. Oks Releases Debut Music Video

Firstly, if you don’t know of E. Oks (Evan Okun ’13), dude’s dope. He just released his first studio album. It’s beautifully crafted, poignant, filled with Wesfolk on every track and free.

Anyway, Evan just released his first music video for his track “The Feature” (feat. Tory). You should all watch it. And love it.
Oh, and don’t be fooled by the fake ending – it’s two music videos in one!

What’s that? Want more? Don’t blame you. Check out E. Oks’ repertoire at his Bandcamp page.

E. Oks ’13 Releases First Studio Album “Back Up, Black Out”


After bringing legendary rap duo Dead Prez to campus last winter, recent Wes grad Evan Okun ’13 drops his first studio album. It is a concept album (listen in order and NOT on shuffle), featuring at least one other Wesleyan student on every track.  The album includes performances by Wesleyan a-cappella stars Quasimodal and production by the FXWRTH (aka Coral Foxworth ’15) and SANK0FA (aka Lucas Turner-Owens ’11).

If you’re looking for hip hop that is altogether poetic, introspective, hilarious, and consistently virtuosic, then this is the album for you. What’s more, you can download it for free here.

For more E. Oks music, go to e-oks(dot)bandcamp(dot)com