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Skeleton Brain – Music by Dexter Dine ’14

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A few weeks ago, I got this email from Dexter Dine ’14, who sent me this blurb about some awesome music he made, which I failed to post until now. But here’s his blurb and link:

Hey! I just finished an album for my senior project, and you can download it by following the link below. Just enter in $0 and get it for free! If you see CD’s lying around campus, those are physical copies of this album. Please take one! If you like me or don’t know me, take a listen. If you dislike me or want something to throw, smash it. I don’t care either way, I just don’t want my name on litter all over campus for too long. Thanks!


Wesleyan Ryukyu Kempo Class

Max Shafer-Landau ’14 writes:

Wanna set that first foot down on the path to badassery? Well luckily for you, that’s what we specialize in at our twice weekly Ryukyu Kempo meetings. Think karate and then cooler. “Oh my god!” you’re probably squealing, “How can anything be cooler than karate?!” Well, we add in pressure points (if you’re good, we’ll teach you how to make someone poop themselves with just one finger), joint locks and breaks, and an instructor who’s not just tall and dark, but handsome as well! This class is great both if you’re a fighting noobie or an experienced martial artist. Additionally, Ryukyu Kempo emphasizes finesse over brawn, so ladies, you’ll finally get to learn how to take down a linebacker one on one without resorting to a swift kick to the balls (those are the two pressure points we don’t mess with in class).

  • WHO?: All the cool kids.
  • WHEN?: Every Monday and Thursday from 8-9 pm.
  • WHERE?: Freeman Wrestling / Multi-Purpose Room
  • HOW MUCH?: $90 for the semester, $50 for half-charged to your student account, free for those who would like to attend just a couple classes.

Leg Energy Get It Together

Austen Fiora ’12 is a total bro. I don’t see any of you guys sending in images titled “bikesonfire.jpg”:

Shaky brakes? Stiff headset? Flat tire? Stop by LEGIT, the free bike Coöp, every Monday from 3-5 for repairs, tune-ups, and spare parts. We’ll even build you a bike [Ed. note: !!!] for a $50. You can find us under the Hi-Rise overhang, rain or shine. Get into it.

Procrastination Destination Du Jour: Badass of the Week

Badass of the Week is one of my favorite websites to spend time on while I’m procrastinating, looking for a good laugh, and maybe even trying to learn a thing or two. The website is the work of Ben Thompson, a self-described “full-time corporate wage slave who spends his spare time writing about things he thinks are badass.” True to this description, Badass of the Week consists of articles about badasses, often with historical details (which are frequently elaborated in ridiculous, and often hilarious ways) and always with copious amounts of profanity. Updated once a week, the site has been updated regularly since April 2004 – meaning that there is currently a huge archive of articles about badasses.

More about badasses past the jump: 

Brometheus WesFest Show!

It’s that time of year again. Here’s the quick and dirty from Jordan Gratch ’13:

Prometheus, Wesleyan’s fire arts and object manipulation performance group, will be putting on a show at the base of Foss Hill. It will include routines using poi, staff, rope dart, fire fans, hula hoping, fire eating, and more.  Bring yourselves and your prefrosh.

Date: Friday, April 15th
Time: 8:30-9 PM
Place: Foss Hill
I’ve never seen that before!: The Prometheus YouTube Channel

Prometheus Presents: The Homecoming Show

Wesleyan’s favorite fire-spinning group takes to Foss this Saturday for their first ever parents/homecoming weekend show!

Bring friends, bring alumni, bring parents, bring siblings, bring aunts and uncles, bring grandparents, bring pets*, and bring yourself. We’ll bring the fire.

* preferably of the leashed variety

When: Saturday, October 18th, 9:45-10:30 pm
Where: Base of Foss Hill

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