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Procrastination Destination: COOK YO SELF SOME CUPCAKES :)

Welcome to the third installment of Procrastination Destination, where Wesleying provides you #content to get you through finals!

If you’re the same type of perpetually stressed as I am, then you also decide to bake/make/chef-it-up during finals season to take some productive time off from studying or staring at Netflix, pretending to study. Baking is a ~thing that I do~ while blasting some dramatic music because at least I’m doing something, even if it isn’t homework.

I have a slightly well-known recipe for Mocha Spice cupcakes that I came up with after experimenting in the kitchen a few years back. They’ve made their way to Wesleyan a few times, notably when I baked over three dozen and delivered them to students after spring break. I normally try to bake a batch while I’m home and share the ~goods~ with friends, and it’s quickly become a favorite treat.

The thing is, I don’t *really* have a recipe. I follow this Turkish thing called göz ayar?, which directly translates to eye measurement, which completely makes sense (I hope). Essentially, I know how much to throw into the measuring bowl after making these cupcakes time and time again. The point is, the recipe’s ingredients are always in a dynamic flux depending on what I have laying at home.

The “recipe” I’m going to share is meant to be broken; it’s meant to be experimented with. If you don’t like a particular ingredient, literally just take it out. Wanna add something? Go for it! This recipe is supposed to look like absolute freakin’ chaos…because it is. This is essentially the cupcake in its core, and sometimes I play around with some ~extras~, which I’ll let you know about after getting that not-so-stable cupcake foundation set.

Cooking Contest at Full House


Laura Hess ’16 wants to see your cake (cake cake cake):

Does your cooking take the cake? Do you pay people in cookies? Do you have what it takes to be the best dessert chef on campus? Full House (202 Washington St) is hosting a cooking contest on Friday at 3:30. Bring your favorite dessert to meet other Wesleyan foodies and see if you can be named Top Dessert Chef at Wesleyan. Creativity is encouraged, no prior experience necessary.

Date: Friday, November 22nd
Time3:30 pm
Place: 202 Washington St.

Sign Up to Bake for the Cookie Cup

Marisa Guerrero ’15 has a delicious proposition:

Do you love to bake? Think you can create the yummiest cookie ever? In need of a break from midterms? Well you’re in luck!

Next Thursday 3/7, Brighter Dawns is hosting its second annual COOKIE CUP! The Cookie Cup is an event where Wesleyan students can sample dozens of cookies made by a bunch of teams (including yours!) and vote on the most creative/most delicious/most aesthetically appealing, etc. Basically, it’s an excuse for us all to eat our weight in cookies.

Right now, we’re looking for teams – of however many people you want – to bake! Don’t be afraid to get creative with your baked goods. (Last year’s winner was the “Inception Cookie” – a cookie inside a cookie – and it was legendary). Prizes will be awarded to the winning teams!

To sign up a team or receive more information, email sbhalobasha@wes. Even if you are not interested in baking, join us at the Usdan Cafe at dinnertime on Thursday, 3/7 to participate in the eating part of the Cookie Cup! Proceeds benefit Brighter Dawns, an organization that works to improve health conditions in the slums of Bangladesh.

Date: Sign up now, compete on Thursday, 3/7
Time: Contest is from 6-9 pm
Place: Usdan Cafe

Fencing Club Valentine’s Day Bake Sale

What do you get when you combine fencing, baked goods, and love? Jennifer Paykin ’12 is launching an investigation:

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the fencing club (where we practice the most romantic of sports) will be hosting a bake sale! Place an order in Usdan this Wednesday and Thursday at lunch, and we will deliver scrumptious treats to your sweetheart’s mailbox in time for the big day.

Date: Wednesday 2/8, Thursday 2/9
Time: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Place: downstairs Usdan
Cost: Varies

PS: If you’re bothering to purchase baked goods this far in advance of Valentine’s Day, you might want to apply as an Argus Cute Couple. Act fast before this offer expires.

Beds and Breads!

Work Day and Bread Baking at Long Lane Farm!

Contrary to popular belief, we will not be delivering freshly baked bread to your bed, but actually doing something so much more fun…

Thursday is supposed to be the most beautiful day this week. And what better way to enjoy the weather than to come out to Long Lane to eat some fresh bread from the wood oven and turn some beds to get the farm ready for winter? We’re going to get started around eleven, and wrap up whenever daylight starts to fails us.

And if you can’t make it Thursday, Long Lane is having workdays starting around twelve on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday as well.

E-mail cheyrman@wes or moliphant@wes for more information.

Date: Nov. 19
Time: 1:00 PM – 4:00 AM
Place: Long Lane Farm – Directions to the farm here