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A Conversation With Girltype Behaviors, This Year’s Spring Fling Openers

Girltype Behaviors are Wesleyan’s resident “snack punk” band – purveyors of short, dense DIY punk songs like “Root Vegetable” and “Baby with an iPad.” After loosely playing a few shows together in 2016, the band came together after agreeing to open for Frankie Cosmos in Music House (then at 200 High St) in December 2016.

We first interviewed the band last year, after they released their first EP, Live at WESU 88.1FMThis year, they have a new EP out and are the opening student band for Spring Fling. Wesleying recently sat down with May Klug ’19 (lead vocals & casio), Sallie Fullerton ’18 (guitar), Gemma Shay ’18 (bass), and Shea Fitzpatrick ’18 (vocals and drums) to discuss Spring Fling, touring down the East Coast, forming a band at Wes, and the recent announcement that Grimes and Elon Musk are dating.

In The Heights BAND needs YOU!

Urgent, from Nadya Potemkina:

The pit band for IN THE HEIGHTS is looking for a guitar, bass, percussion, and trumpet players! FULL ACADEMIC CREDIT – and tons of non-academic fun. Even if you personally do not play, HELP spread the word—international recognition and program credit for recruitment efforts are guaranteed. Contact Nadya Potemkina ASAP

Email: npotemkina(at)wesleyan(dot)edu

Grand Cousin Strikes Again: New Single “Let Me Know” Drops Today

hands no circle

If this isn’t a roll then I don’t know what is. Whatever you call it – Grand Cousin is on it! The band – consisting of Henry Hall ’14, Evan Low ’14, and Robby Caplan ’14 (in case you’ve forgotten) – is pulling out all the stops this year. Not even a month since releasing their music video for “Camera,” they are following it up with the equally impressive tune, “Let Me Know.” I got a sneak peak of the song and it’s got that same signature sound and trademark falsetto that makes a Grand Cousin so fun to listen and groove to. That’s right, I said “groove.” 

What are you waiting for? Check out “Let Me Know” on Soundcloud! Also, support Grand Cousin on Facebook, Twitter, and their website.


Buttonwood Tree Seeks Wesleyan Band For Paid Opening Set

buttonwood tree

You heard right — paid.  Elizabeth Halprin ’14 writes in with an opportunity for your talented student band to earn money playing music.  Isn’t that the dream?

The Buttonwood Tree Performing Arts & Community Center: in Middletown is looking for an indie rock sorta band to perform on March 1st with Higher Animals. We’d need a 45 – 55 minute set, and the band would get 1/3 of the door profits. Tickets are usually $10, $5 for students.

Please email thebuttonwoodtree(at)gmail(dot)com if you’re interested.
Seems pretty straightforward to me: Step One: Email the fine people of The Buttonwood Tree.  Step Two: Advertise the heck out of this show.  Step Three: ???.  Step Four: PROFIT.
When: Friday, March 1st.
Contact: thebuttonwoodtree(at)gmail(dot)com
Deadline: Apply soon!  As in, now!

Fossils Seeks Percussionist

Fossils, a new folk-rock band on campus, sends us messages:

Play drums? Wesleyan folk-rock band Fossils, consisting of Hana Elion ’15, Alex Donesky ’15, and Taylor Leet-Otley ’15 is looking for a percussionist.

If you play kit, cajon (box), bongos, and/or any other percussion instruments and you like to get folky and funky, we want you in our band!

Email helion@wes for more details. We look forward to jammin’ with you.

Join WesWinds (MUSC 443)

Taran Catania ’13 writes in:

Played in high school band and miss it? Play an instrument but wish you could be in a group? Want a fun and painless way to snag an extra credit this semester?

WesWinds is a wind ensemble that meets on Tuesday nights in Crowell Concert Hall from 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM. No audition required; if you can play an instrument and have access to it here, you are already qualified. Take it for a full credit (CR/U or graded) or just for fun. The group is open to the Middletown community as well. The final concert takes place during the last class of the semester.

All instruments are welcome, but we are especially looking for:

Haters in the Building: Top 40 Cover Band, take 2 tonight

Last week, a bunch of folks itching to perform Rihanna for a crowd of hungry students were ejected from a palace known as Pine. This week, they make a second attempt to Rihanna their asses off, this time in full Animal House glory. From Sam Ebb ’13, who I had completely no idea blows trumpets (but am not surprised to hear at all):

You. Will. Know. Every. Song. We. Play.

Friday, AFTER Lower Dens (go!), we’re finishing what we started last weekend. We’re going all the way this time. At exactly 12:45 a.m.
Tunes will be spun starting at 12 a.m. to get you in the mood.

They thought the floor would cave in. They tried to shut us down. But you can’t stop the Haters.

Come find love in a hopeless place (? DKE). [Facebook event here.]

DATE: Friday night, Saturday WEE HOURSSS
TIME: 12am (doors), 12.45 am (show)
PLACE: dkedkedkedkedkedkedkedkedkedkedeeq?dick.dique?deeek.

Who Haters in the Building are after the jump.

The Headlocks Live on WESU

From Bryan Skowera ’99:

Staten Island band The Headlocks will be performing live in the WESU studio during Sunday night’s Wonderland with DJ Cheshire Cat.

The band will be performing music from their recent album, Cuckoo Bird, as well as songs from their forthcoming album. Listeners will have an opportunity to win CDs and t-shirts during the broadcast.

You can listen through the good ol’ fashioned radio on 88.1 FM or stream online at http://wesufm.org.

  • Date: Tonight, Sept. 19th
  • Time: 10:30 PM – 12:00 AM
  • Place: Via radio on 88.1 FM or online at http://wesufm.org

Klezmer band meeting

Submitted by Micah Wylde ’12:

klezmer2Love klezmer music? Have no idea what it is, but play an instrument? Come join the Wesleyan klezmer ensemble! Klezmer is an exciting musical tradition which developed primarily in the shtetls of Eastern Europe, known for its expressive melodies reminiscent of the human voice.

Email ascherbenske(at)wesleyan(dot)edu for more information, or come to our first meeting this Thursday at 5 pm at 6 Knowles Ave (across from the main entrance of Freeman).

Date: September 24
5- 7 pm
6 Knowles Ave