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New ATM Comes to Wesleyan

New Seasons Federal Credit Union ATM hits Exley Science Center

Wesleyan ATM WrappedNot only has the number of on-campus automated teller machines doubled over break, but thanks to Occupy Wesleyan and WSA efforts, we now have an alternative to Bank of America. Seasons Federal Credit Union, a local Connecticut credit union, has set up a new ATM in Exley (located between the 24-hour Quiet Study Lounge and Pi Cafe). It has the same features as the BoA machine, including account balances and cash withdrawal. However, for non-members the fee is $1.75, cheaper than Bank of America’s $2.00. Seasons account members can also deposit cash or checks directly into their accounts via the ATM. Moreover, Seasons is a member of a credit union network that allows members of participating credit unions to use the ATM for free. See if your credit union is in the network here.

After an eventful “Move Your Money” campaign featuring a march on Bank of America, the issue of Bank of America’s monopoly at Wesleyan grabbed both students’ and administrators’ attention and was pursued by members of the WSA. When the administration decided to put a second ATM on campus, instead of automatically giving Bank of America access, as they might have done without Occupy’s efforts, they sent out a request for proposals to all the banks and credit unions established in Middletown. Seasons FCU’s proposal won the bid over those of Bank of America and others. This is not only great for Wesleyan, but for the larger community as well!

Photos: Bank of America, Meet Wes

This past Saturday, WesKids and local protestors alike led a Middletown march against Bank of America. (The bank, that is. Not the infamous $45 Trident EP by Chilly Phoenix.) The organizers: the Community Banking Working Group of Occupy Wesleyan. The occasion: Move Your Money, a national nonprofit campaign to divest from America’s largest banks in favor of local credit unions.

As Middletown Patch tells it, the merry band of activists made their way to Main Street’s Bank of America branch, where they flooded the entrance in caution tape and foreclosure notices. As the YouTube footage testifies, a few attempted to close their own accounts in the midst of the protest:

Those attempting to close their accounts were initially refused entry and told by bank representatives to leave the property.

A statement was read condemning the bank’s funding of mountaintop removal and “careless gambling of the health of the global economy” before students marched back to campus where representatives from local credit unions were present to help students open new accounts.

The first eleven photos are via Dan Fischer ’12. The rest—including wieb$ money shot—are courtesy of Mariama Eversley ’14. Video via the MoveYourMoneyWes YouTube channel.

March on Bank of America

The sun is shining, it’s (relatively) warm outside, what a beautiful day for a protest, eh? The folks in the Community Banking Working Group of Occupy Wesleyan have put together a nice little march to our local BoA that’s meeting at the steps of Olin at 3 pm! Luckily, Middletown isn’t the biggest of cities, so I’m fairly certain you’ll be able to catch up with them as they make their way over. And hey, who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired enough to close out the millions sitting in your account.

 More on the action below (yeah, I’m cutting this from the end of A-Batte‘s earlier post on Bank Transfer Week):
  • Friday April 27th, 3PM
  • Leaving from the Steps of Olin
  • March to BoA on Main St.

Tired of hearing about corporate banks taking advantage of American citizens? Frustrated by the fact that the only ATM on campus is owned by Bank of America? WELL, LET’S DO SOMETHING!

Discussion with Prof. Stewart: Big Finance and Environmental Justice

Ross Levin ’15 writes in about “Bank of America,” a pressing new release by avant-garde Wesleyan band Chilly Phoenix a discussion taking place at 200 Church:

Join students and faculty at 200 Church on Tuesday at 4:15 PM for an open discussion on the troubled relationship between the American finance industry and the environment, facilitated by Professor Brian Stewart. What role does the finance industry currently play in climate change, pollution, and other environmental problems? Can the finance industry be reformed to play a positive role in moving towards a sustainable economy? What can we, as students, do to speed up this process?

This is part of Bank Transfer Week, a series of events leading up to Bank Transfer Days on Thursday, Friday, and Monday, when representatives from local credit unions will be on campus to help students start accounts and leave the big banks behind. In addition to the Inside Job screening last week and this discussion and the Bank Transfer Days, we will be having a march to the local branch of Bank of America to let them know we don’t want our money supporting their corrupt practices–stay tuned for more info on that, and for more information on Bank of America, look at the links below:

Date: Tuesday, April 24
Time: 4:15 pm
Place: 200 Church
Cost: $15 in monthly fees from Bank of America

Mo Money Mo Problems

Was this sent in by Maxwell Hellmann ’13, or Llama Lawman Hex Kelvin ’13? I can never tell with these things. Anyway:

You’re a good person. You don’t want your WesWings paycheck to help fund mortgage fraud or foreclosures, but you have to keep your money somewhere. Every time you hit the Usdan Bank of America ATM you know you should feel guilty or something, but what choice do you have? Well, you can join the Community Banking Working Group, and help to make ethical banking easier for the Wesleyan community!

Come to PAC 104 at 5:15pm on Thursday, February 16th to find out more (and eat snacks). Hear how instead of paying for investment bank bonuses, the Wesleyan community can use local banks and credit unions, keeping our money in Middletown and supporting local residents and businesses. It will take some work, but it’s absolutely doable, and you can help!

Our goals:

1.     Organize a Bank Transfer day, where students can make the move to community banking

2.     Replace the Bank of America ATM on campus with an ATM from a community bank

3.     Convince the Wesleyan administration to move its money from Bank of America to community banks


At last a breath of only semi-polluted air!  Tonight marks a pivotal moment not only in the illustrious music history of Wesleyan, but of AMERICA.  An album that has been setting underground music blogs and unsuspecting young women’s hair on fire for the past few humid weeks is finally being released to the public: Chilly Phoenix’s long-awaited debut EP, The Trident, a breathtaking achievement four long and arduous years in the making.  Robby Hardesty ’12 and David Thompson ’11 birthed the concept of this album through bouts of sweaty, drug-induced insomnia in the fall of 2007, and have been battling not only each other, but the dark forces of the free market to climb to this pinnacle of musical craftsmanship ever since.  The Trident may be the only thing that can pull America out its Great Impoverishment–get it before the Internet explodes all over your keyboard.  This shit is safer than gold and may just be the Next Big Market.  The supply is limited and the demand is high, so prices may shoot through the roof if you don’t act soon.

If you purchase The Trident, you will receive copious amounts of bonus materials, including journals from the time of the album’s creation, personal photographs, speeches, treatises, expense accounts, and more.  The album is available to stream or buy at the band’s Bandcamp page.  Also check out Hardesty and Thompson’s day-in, day-out, soul-boning activities on their Twitter.  Investment is preferred to thievery.  No free lunches, honkeys.

Wesleyan Mountain Justice Coalition Meeting

Fresh from the inbox:

The first meeting of the Wesleyan Mountain Justice Coalition will take place tonight (Wednesday) at 8pm in the 200 Church Lounge. We will be talking about our next steps in our campaign against Bank of America!

We will be discussing setting up meetings with administration, finding alternate banks, bringing in speakers fighting mountain top removal, and anything else we can think of!

Date: Wednesday, October 1st
Time: 8pm
Venue: 200 Church

Chalking Memo to BoA: Divest from Coal

As it turns out, the ubiquitous anti-Bank-of-America chalking all over campus today is taking its cue from a larger movement by activist groups like the Rainforest Action Network and Students for a Democratic Society to get major corporations like Citigroup and Bank of America to stop investing in coal.

I’m not sure how active SDS actually is at Wesleyan, but groups around the country have been trying to raise awareness of Bank of America’s stake in coal since last year, with rallies, cough/die-ins, and info tables having been organized (and blogged about) in at least San Francisco and Philadelphia.

It seems unclear how much attention the company is paying to these (so far) relatively minor protests, but what with the ridiculous debate going on about “clean coal” in this year’s election, here’s hoping that major investors like Bank of America follow the lead of other banks and develop better energy policies in the near future than the relatively uncompelling carbon principles they have at the moment.

In the meantime, if the SDS members who I assume are behind the BoA chalking are serious at all, they should probably invest in coal-rock costumes and top hats for some entertaining Usdan public theater.