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Banking Boot Camp

Rachel Berman writes in from the Career Center:

Join us for a virtual boot camp on investment banking! This session, hosted by Evercore Partners, will cover the investment banking key basics:

– What is an investment bank?
– What is the role of an analyst?
– How do I get a job in an investment bank?

Presenters include Liz Lynch ’80, Senior Managing Director; Stephen Worth ’88, Senior Managing Director; James Lilly ’04, Associate; Mike Winik, Vice President; and Danielle Even, Analyst.

If you are interested in investment banking, don’t miss this great opportunity to learn more about the industry and get the inside scoop from Wes alumni.

Date: Friday, November 16
Time: 12pm
Place: Olson Commons (Career Center)
Cost: Zero
Super coolio Facebook event: Here

Double Documentary Wednesday: Inside Job

Want to watch a documentary this Wednesday? Wesleying’s got your back! Want to watch two documentaries at overlapping times this Wednesday? The Community Banking Working Group‘s got half your back:

As part of the ongoing campaign on campus for responsible, community banking, there will be a screening of the documentary film “Inside Job” on Wednesday at 6:30 PM in Usdan 110. We all know that the catastrophic (and ongoing) financial meltdown of 2008 left us fucked, but do we understand exactly how? This film lays it out, in easy, accessible terms, and explains how the big banks were deliberately complicit in bringing about this society-shattering crisis.
This is part of an effort for students on campus to MOVE OUR MONEY from the malicious and thieving institutions that sealed the fate of the American masses with their irresponsible practices (Bank of America, et al.) to member-controlled, not for profit, local credit unions. Credit unions will be on campus ready to help students transfer their accounts starting April 26.
Keep your eyes out for further developments in this exciting campaign to take responsibility for the way this campus stores and invests its money!

Date & Time: This Wednesd’y, 6:30 eveningwise
Place: Usdan 110
Cost: At last count, $16 trillion
Firstbuck: Here it am

Mo Money Mo Problems

Was this sent in by Maxwell Hellmann ’13, or Llama Lawman Hex Kelvin ’13? I can never tell with these things. Anyway:

You’re a good person. You don’t want your WesWings paycheck to help fund mortgage fraud or foreclosures, but you have to keep your money somewhere. Every time you hit the Usdan Bank of America ATM you know you should feel guilty or something, but what choice do you have? Well, you can join the Community Banking Working Group, and help to make ethical banking easier for the Wesleyan community!

Come to PAC 104 at 5:15pm on Thursday, February 16th to find out more (and eat snacks). Hear how instead of paying for investment bank bonuses, the Wesleyan community can use local banks and credit unions, keeping our money in Middletown and supporting local residents and businesses. It will take some work, but it’s absolutely doable, and you can help!

Our goals:

1.     Organize a Bank Transfer day, where students can make the move to community banking

2.     Replace the Bank of America ATM on campus with an ATM from a community bank

3.     Convince the Wesleyan administration to move its money from Bank of America to community banks