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Wesleying’s Next Top Header Design

Because we want your help in making Wesleying a better place, we’re having an open call for header submissions.

Both our most recent one and the Wesfest-hippie-bus one before that were meant to be temporary (and the current one most definitely is), but, well, life happens and we don’t have much time to improve on them.  So we’re crowdsourcing!

Temporary banner - cardinal

If you’ve got any knack for graphic design/Photoshop/MS Paint/whatever and think you can do better than what’s up now, send us a design and it just might become our new masthead. If you check Wesleying often enough to care and have some time on your hands, this could be your chance to get your work seen by ~3,000 people per day.

Be as creative as you want to – add personality, make it conceptual, showcase whatever style you want to see at the top of this site. Or keep it neat and minimal. All we require is that:

  • the name “Wesleying” is featured prominently in some form
  • image is high quality, size is at least 900 by 150 pixels, no larger than 925 by 200
  • file type is PNG or JPEG
  • if you want, you can include the motto “Real student life at Wesleyan University”. But that’s optional.

No set deadline, but try to get whatever you come up with to us by the end of Fall Break (October 28th). Feel free to send as many as you’d like, and email all submissions to staff(at)wesleying(dot)org.

Yes, that’s a new header.

Or at least the beginnings of one. I’m still not completely happy with it, but I think this is a good time for a change.

You may notice some other small tweaks as well. Comments, suggestions, and (constructive) criticisms welcome below. If you have any other site-related comments, they’re welcome too.

Wesleying Reborn


Wesleying was established over two years ago as a Wesleyan blog. We posted about Wesleyan life, Wesleyan history, and Wesleyan events, and tried hard to keep you informed about all things Wesleyan. But somewhere along the way, we lost our focus.

One of the reasons the founders started Wesleying was because of a growing sense of alienation and lack of community among Wesleyan students. Some blamed this on the administration’s cracking down on means of student expression, and others blamed a lack of common interests. Others blamed the social disorientation of the Internet, or generational apathy in general. But now we should make it clear – we blame Calvinism.

Divine predestination has been a destructive a force on campus for too long.  There are those who would have you believe in a spiteful Old Testament God who elects an arbitrary few to eternal salvation. How divisive is that? Don’t believe it, fellow Wesleyan students.  All of you can get to heaven through faith and careful reasoning.

It’s easy to forget this, especially after all the efforts which recent Wesleyan University administrators have made to distance our school from what Wesleyan used to be, like limiting venues for student gatherings, and courting more students who don’t fit the traditional “Wesleyan” mold.  But we have to keep reminding ourselves of the true Wesleyan spirit and its accomplishments.

Back in the ’60s, Wesleyan was on the liberal cutting edge of American culture, advocating social justice and critical thought when other universities just wanted to pump out graduates to join America’s homogenous work force. And then slavery was abolished, which was a major victory for our side of the culture wars.

As recently as the ’90s, Wesleyan students were very concerned about monitoring language in order to avoid offending people and causing conflicts. But yellow journalism was really popular in the country at the time, and it was a little discouraging when then the war hawks used faulty information to get President McKinley to declare war on Spain. God knows we tried, though!

These attitudes were thanks to the teachings of John Wesley, who has been sadly neglected at this school that so brazenly retains his name while ignoring key aspects of his work, like his evangelical theology and understanding of Christian perfection. He didn’t launch a religious revival so you could mope about damnation your whole college career, you know! The Calvinist fallacy is not something a Wesleyan institution can afford to take lightly.

We know it’s real easy to just spend all of one’s spare time on Facebook during the week and getting wasted on weekends, if one thinks God already decided to send one’s soul to hell before one’s parents committed the sinful act of conceiving.  But we feel the need to give Wesleyan students hope to come together and do more.

As his blogging spiritual descendants, we’re bringing the focus back to what lies at the core of Wesleyan. Things like scriptural sanctification, the Arminian doctrine of soteriology, and the Eastern Orthodox concept of Theosis. You know, what Wesleyanism is all about.

We hope that this small-scale revival helps do all those things Wesleying was always meant to do – talk about the history and teachings of the Wesleyan movement, let everyone know when Wesleyan events are happening, and build a community around our shared lives as Wesleyan Methodists seeking to gain prevenient grace from our Lord.


The New Wesleying Header


In the introductory post to the new site I failed to mention our new header.

We thought we’d change it up for a few reasons. One is that the new site has a much wider layout than Wesleying did on Blogspot. The old header image could only fit here by scaling it up, which didn’t work out too well visually, and we don’t have access to the source file to easily make modifications.

We also just wanted a fresh start. It’s a work in progress, but the idea is to build up a gallery of great Wesleyan photos submitted by Wesleying readers and contributors, and use them to change up the header image every now and then – to fit the weather, or special events and holidays, or just because. Kind of like Google, but I imagine there are more decent photographers at Wes than there are amazing graphic designers.

For the first one we went with this picture taken in the WestCo courtyard on Zonker Harris Day two years ago (you know, back when it was a thing):

Zonker Harris 2007

It was an obvious choice because Zonker Harris is about as “Wesleyan” as it gets, and the space cropped for the banner is generally evocative of Wes when it’s nice out and people unleash their creative energy on any available surfaces.

My Photoshop skills are fairly basic, and the banner up top is the best I could come up with on short notice – we’re working on a more visually appealing way to use photos in the header without it conflicting with the text.

Changes will be up soon, thanks for your comments and suggestions.