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Osama dead; Obama gives speech; YouTube video now included

You can probably watch in your nearest lounge, but if not, links:

The news is about an hour old, but Obama has only been speaking for a couple minutes now finished about 20 minutes ago. Article coverage from various news sources: Al JazeeraFox NewsCNNThe Guardian.

Since I can’t really be bothered to listen to whoever the cable news networks have calling in, click through if you’re interested in some internet meta-commentary.

OFA Neighborhood Team Meeting!

From Gabriela De Golia ’13:

Want to get involved in your community, protect Democratic progress, and learn how to organize support for President Obama in 2012? Join Ben Florsheim ’14 and Gabriela De Golia ’13, Wesleyan students and interns with Organizing for America, along with Middletown residents for an event to discuss the policy progress of the Obama Administration, our goals for the future, and community organizing strategies that will be crucial as we kick off the 2012 campaign. We will also talk about how to advance the President’s priorities in our own community, and begin organizing our grassroots 2012 campaign.
Sign up for the event here.


  • Date: Saturday, April 23
  • Time: 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM
  • Place: The Buttonwood Tree, 605 Main Street

Volunteer for Organizing for America

From Gabriela De Golia ’13:

Interested in volunteering with Organizing for America, the successor organization to Obama for America, by working with fellow Wesleyan students and the Middletown community to promote OFA’s goals, such as public health care, education reform, a green economy, and more?

Then come to the information session this Wednesday at 7PM in the Woodhead Lounge! FREE PIZZA will be provided.

Questions? Contact gdegolia[at]wes and/or bflorsheim[at]wes.

Date:   Feb. 23
Time:   7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Place:  Woodhead Lounge – Exley 184

Dwight Greene Oral History Project Info Session

Kiara Williams-Jones ’12 writes in with a chance for you to do your best Ken Burns impression:

Interested in preserving oral histories?

Wish to improve upon/gain interviewing skills?

Care to surface small bits of Wes’ history?

See how you can acquaint yourself with alumni of color and engage in their Wes experience. This project aims to capture the various experiences of alumni of color through one-on-one video recorded interviews. We then archive the interviews in Olin Library.

Join us on October 12th to learn more about the Oral History Project: our history, our mission, and our plan of action.

Date: Oct. 12

Time: 4:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Place: Usdan 110

Kennedy Odede (feat. WordSmith, Mikey Ro)

So most of you may have heard of Jessica Posner ’09 who took home the the “Do Something!” award this summer, but you probably have not heard of her smokin’ boyfriend Kennedy Odede ’12. Hailing from the Kibera slums of Nairobi, Kenya, he’s not only been involved in bettering his community infinite amounts, but also he’s an accomplished rapper!

Odede, Wordsmith (Josh Smith ’11), and Mikey Ro (Michael Rosen ’11) have joined forces to create this absolutely excellent track, featuring hit lyrics like “junior status but he’s so damn B.I.G.” and “a clinic already, today he’s Odede/but give him a decade and he’ll be el presidente,” “his dance moves are crazy,” “hips seem to move like blades of a blender.”

And be sure to download the track and name your price because producer Jared Paul ’11 pledged to donate proceeds to Shining Hope for Communities. Pertinent linkage below.

Outside the Bubble

At Wesleyan, it’s pretty easy to fall out of the loop with the rest of the world.  Even as someone who can spend all day reading news articles and blog posts if nothing’s going on, I haven’t really taken a glance at the news in the past two and a half weeks (till like five minutes ago).  So, if you’re like me, here’s what in the world you’ve been missing:

Gay Guys Kiss 33 HoursA Pair of Gay Guys Break the Guinness World Record for Longest Kiss

They kissed for thirty-three (33) hours.  That’s over a day.  And they’re not even a couple, just “friends”…

Barack Obama Went to Christian Church on Sunday

This is headline news.  For me, the real news was that this was such vital headline news in the first place.  I love these precious few weeks before elections.  The news gets so…amusing.  Dear Obama, please be an atheist.  Just because.

Jewly Bandz

If your grandmother didn’t mail you a pack of these while you were too busy “writing a 15 page paper due Monday” at the GSA & Grotto during the Yom Kippur weekend, then she must not love you.


Speaking of Jews, bedbugs are still taking over New York city (and beyond).  We could let them have AMC movie theaters, TBS, and even the Empire State Building, but now they’ve got Niketown too, nooo!

“Holy Shit, I’m Fat!”

Guys are anorexic now too.  “Whether they squeeze their ass or stomach, they make a point of showing you.”

The Recession is Over

Remember that time when people started to go broke? Yeah, apparently it’s over now.  It’s been over.  Get with the program.

I bet you those thick “Worlding the World” course readers didn’t include this invaluable info, huh?  Okay, but I have a composition, a manuscript, and a paper due this week on top of other things so I’ll leave you all to procrastinate some more without me now…

Lin-Manuel Miranda raps at the White House

Lin-Manuel Miranda ’02 performed at the White House evening of Poetry, Music, and the Spoken Word in May, which was a big deal.

Now here’s a video of it, in which he raps about Alexander Hamilton in the voice of Aaron Burr. So dope.

Watch Barack and Michelle snap along, and give Lin a standing ovation at the end.

[Thanks to Jesse Bordwin ’10 and Jesse Ross-Silverman for the tip.]

Obama Delivers Commencement at the Opposite of Wesleyan

In an apparent effort to appear politically well-rounded  after speaking at Wesleyan last May, President Obama delivered the commencement address at Notre Dame University’s graduation ceremony yesterday.

It was controversial for some wingnuts because it’s a Catholic institution and Obama is pro-choice, but it turned out mostly fine except for this minor hitch:

Transcript after the jump:

Wes alumni to present at White House coffeehouse

The New York Times is reporting about a pretty sweet event tonight at the White House.  Rachel Swarns writes:

On tap at the White House on Tuesday night? A poetry jam — with smooth jazz, cool verses and spoken word. The literary and musical event in the East Room will include the actor James Earl Jones, the writers Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman (who are husband and wife), the jazz singer and bassist Esperanza Spalding and the pianist Eric Lewis. Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote and starred in “In the Heights,” the Broadway musical that won a Tony last year, will also perform. It is part of an effort by the Obamas to open up the White House and celebrate the country’s diverse art scenes. The event, which is scheduled to begin at 7:45 p.m., will be shown live at www.whitehouse.gov.

Awesome.  Lin-Manuel Miranda is class of ’02 and Ayelet Waldman is class of ’86.  Wish I could be there for that event!  Possibly worth watching online in 2 hours.