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What name do a nineteenth-century novela twentieth-century geographical formation, and a twenty-first century band share? Yeah, it’s time for a a shout-out to BEJEWELED ARCHIPELAGO!?!!… wait, shit, I mean Treasure Island.

To clear up all the confusion/misplaced hate out there, Treasure Island is Faith Harding ’14, Dema Paxton-Fofang ’13, Jason Katzenstein ’13, and Tobias Butler ’13.

The band, memorialized amidst all the ACB vitriol with the parenthetical “havent played in a while but good” are back on the live scene with a gig at tonight’s Battle of the Bands at Eclectic, where they will be playing alongside The AppledaughtersGrand CousinLyons DenPeace Museum, and Static Stamina.

In case you’re trying to catch them in the daylight, they’ll also be on Saturday afternoon in the WestCo courtyard for Zonker Harris Day with North Paw, Yeoman’s Omen, Grand Cousin, Featherwood Bee, and Tan Lines.

And for the really anti-social among us, they’ve also got their new single “College” available for download. Scoop it here.


Update in from Dylan Bostick ’13Battle of the Bands (THIS FRIDAY OR WHATEVER) has a lineup, y’all – chosen from quite a few EP entries by a careful and time-honored process. Also I heard facebook has an events system and this is on it, does this link work? Apparently it’s like an event or something, IDK.

Anyway, onto the contestants. Don’t be too impressed with these descriptions I’ve amassed from leading music critics:

The Appledaughters – battlers man these guys crazy theyll punch you out the face bro fuck
Grand Cousin – yo used to be grand dad but like its complicated with mom so cousin now
Lyons Den – i mean its just some lyons see
Peace Museum – sounds chill not too much fighting in the museum and stuff
Static Stamina – um i failed physics so not sure what this means but yeah
Treasure Island -haha dude loooove tresure man!!! found some sweet $$$ under my bed yesterday

Got issues with the lineup? If only there were some place where people had already left more than 50 comments about it…oh well.

Also, if someone wants to tell me what (if any?) is the difference between Social and Spring Fling Committees, that would be $w33t. Sorry I have no idea what’s going on, but isn’t that how we all go through life? …oh, so that’s just me? Okay. Fine.

Flora & Fauna to Open Spring Fling

Major congrats to Wes band Flora & Fauna, whose sharp, high-energy brand of tight, guitar-driven dance-punk blew away Eclectic’s Battle of the Bands last night and landed the band a well-deserved gig opening for Ghostface/Reakwon, Walkmen, and Wavves next month. Runners-up Apache Kid, Treasure Island, Yeoman’s Omen, and The Japanese (whoooah, “Chase Sequence”) all put up very solid fights. (The Taste declined to perform.)

Flora & Fauna has been kicking it (and regularly appearing at Eclectic and other venues on campus) since way back in ’08; current band members include Adam Gunther ’11, Matt Bernstein ’11, Gabe Gordon ’11, Charlie Ellis ’13, and Casey Baird. For more about the band, click here or here or here. For images from their set last night, look below.

[nggallery id=56]

Battle of the Bands Lineup Announced

“Whose cuisine will reign supreme?”

Widely known but largely under-discussed: Wavves, Walkmen, and Ghost/Rae aren’t the only acts performing at Spring Fling ’11. Social Committee has just announced the lineup for Battle of the Bands—six Wesleyan bands each vying for the opportunity to open Spring Fling. Les candidats:

Discussion questions: Who’s gonna snatch it? Who’s missing? Who most deserves the opportunity to rub shoulders with Ghostface and co? Can Linus alum take the gold twice in a row?

Battle’s on Friday. More detailed event post coming soon.

Spring Fling ’11: It’s Officially Official

Thanks for being so patient, guys. Or not.

Whatup, rumor mongrels? Spring Fling is barely a month away (May 5, if you’re keeping score), and you guys are impatient as sin, nahmean?

Seriously, though, you’ve waited long enough, we have the scoop, here’s what’s up: Social Committee has finally—finally—confirmed the acts for Spring Fling ’11, and it’s pretty damn fly. And no, it’s not Kesha—that would mess with the Committee’s astute alliterative action. In the order they’ll be performing (click on, hurry hurry hurry!)

Battle of the Bands @ Eclectic

Come to Eclectic this Thursday to cheer on your talented classmates at Wesleyan’s Annual Battle of the Bands:

Featuring 5 homegrown acts:

Sweaty boys
Cous Cous
Beat The Grave
Static Stamina

Winner opens for Spring Fling in May!

Date: Thursday, April 15
Time: 9:30 PM – 1:00 AM
Place: Eclectic

Spring Fling: Battle of the Bands

This Thursday night at Eclectic, come to the annual Battle of the Bands to watch some of Wesleyan’s finest student talent and help decide which Wes band gets to kick off Spring Fling.

Beat the Grave
Elevator Trick
Flora and Fauna

Not necessarily in that order, so show up early! Check out the Facebook event. The music starts at 10 pm, and is FREE.

Date: Thursday, April 23
Time: 10:00 PM
Place: Eclectic

Sign Up for Spring Fling Battle of the Bands

If you’ve got a band, join Battle of the Bands for your shot to open Spring Fling this year:

Have dreams of making it in the real world like Wes favorites MGMT, Santigold, and Amazing Baby? Make those dreams a reality by opening for some of the biggest names in the music biz at Spring Fling 2009!

If you are interested, please submit a three song sampler of your music to the Social Committee by Sunday, April 19th. We will then anonymously choose a few acts to perform at the Battle of the Bands which will be held Thursday, April 23rd (location TBA). Please make sure all band members are available for the Battle and obviously Spring Fling (Wednesday, May 6). All submissions should go to WESBOX 91880. Good luck!

Allison Kadin