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Beautiful Swear Words: A Motherfucking Wes ’15 Production

Remember that time Wesleying began an entire series devoted to the illustrious accomplishments of effervescent prefrosh and changed the state of college media for now and forever? “This is stupid,” beamed one delighted reader and fan. “Unless a pre-frosh makes a fucking hot air balloon by hand and circumnavigates the globe in it, I really don’t give a shit what pre-frosh are doing.” Finally, with great joy and warm pride, we’re thrilled to report that

Neither do I.

But California native Theo Olesen ’15, whom I’m excited to meet in a week or less, has begun an exciting project of his own this summer. “Beautiful Swear Words,” as its title suggests, promises “a swear word a day, and shit.” For boobs, see above.