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Join Homebrewer’s Alliance


From the delectable Dan Hurlburt’s ’15 delicious mouth:
Description: Like beer? Interested in learning how to make beer in many styles from across the world? Come to the Wesleyan Homebrewer’s Alliance informational meeting tomorrow at 8 pm. All are welcome (you don’t have to be 21 to join the club). Anyone with brewing experience or upperclassmen that might be willing to have their own brewhouse should show up a few minutes early or email Dan (dhurlbert@wes) if you can’t make it.
What: Homebrewer’s Alliance Informational Meeting
Time: 8pm, Wednesday
Where: 57 Fountain


From Min Suh ’15:

It’s not a two week festival like the real one in Germany, but we are dedicating the weekend to brezel and wurst :D

Saturday 2-5pm: Pretzel making

Sunday 2-5pm: Oktoberfest (grillin’ sausages and chillin’ with ppl. we may play mini games for merriment). Bring Your Own Plate to be green!

Dirndls and lederhosens welcome. If you would like to see some pictures of drunk, excited ppl dancing on the table (or want some more info on the fest), you can check this out.

Above is a video that shows how “fu*king EPIC” Oktoberfest is. People dancing, chugging beer, shouting, more beer…

Date: September 29 and 30
Time: 2-5 pm both days
Place: The big yellow haus behind Exley (German Haus)

Brewers Alliance First Meeting

Eric Swack ’14 doesn’t need to see your ID:

The Wesleyan Homebrewers Alliance is having its first informational meeting of the year. All Wesleyan students are welcome to attend, even if you’re underage. We are a student group that meets on a weekly basis to brew beer styles from all over the world with an emphasis on creating great tasting craft brews that utilize local ingredients. All skill and experience levels are encouraged to attend, and we will be organizing houses after this event. If you have any questions or can not attend, feel free to email eswack@wes. Those interested in hosting or leading a brewhouse this year should email ahead of time, and show up 15 minutes early to the meeting.

Date: Thursday, September 27
Time: 10:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Place: 6 Fountain
Cost: Free

A Very Wesleyan Vermont Bike ’n Brewery Free Ride

Beer, biking, and the great state of Vermont. Most of my deepest fantasies involve at least two of those delights. Wesleyan alumni and all-around bodacious dudes Greg Brodsky ’99 and Scott Cavanaugh ’99 apparently dream in a similar language, which is why they’ve taken it upon themselves to plan and, later this month, lead a “Vermont Bike and Brewery Challenge,” also known as “Pretty Much The Greatest Thing Ever.” Eric Swack ’14, who’s also involved (intergenerational Wesleyan bonding, here we come!), writes in with some of the key details:

Wes alums Greg Brodsky ’99 and Scott Cavanaugh ’99 are organizing a bike tour of Vermont breweries this August, run through Scott’s Mount Major Adventures. Vermont is a premier destination for both cycling, with its tranquil county roads, as well as beer, as it boasts the most breweries per capita of any state. We will visit over half of the breweries in the state, including The Alchemist, makers of the renowned Heady Topper! The trip runs August 25 – 29, and participants are welcome to join for as much or as little of the ride as they please, so join them for a day, a weekend or the full experience. The trip is free, so you do have to buy your own beer. Lodging and other info can be found on the site here.

Donate Bottles to Homebrewers


Recycle your used beer bottles to your fellow fans of fermentation!  The Wesleyan Homebrewers’ Alliance is in dire need of empty, brown, normal sized beer (or root beer!) bottles.

They do not need to be clean, but twist offs do not work. If anybody has a lot of them waiting to be recycled, they can email wesleyan.homebrew(at)gmail and we will send someone to pick them up.  Thanks!

Learn to Brew Beer

Like chemistry? Every wish it had some sort of practical application? Love beer? Ever wish it had some sort of practical application?

Learn to brew with the Homebrewing Club! This Friday, the Wesleyan Homebrewing Club will be brewing up a delightful stovepipe porter, an India Pale Ale, and some sort of mystery brew yet to be determined.

**YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE 21** (Unless, of course, you want to drink the beer – sorry underclassmen. In the meantime, learn to feed yourself for a lifetime. Like fishing.)

When: Friday, January 30th, 3 PM
115 Cross St., Apartment 2 (walk around back to the wooden stairs)
$5 (if you are 21 and want beer, otherwise free)

Contact wesleyan.homebrew(at)gmail for more information.


I know we’re all pretty much over Christmas and moving on to New Year’s and/or dealing with excruciating boredom, but this is too ridiculous and I wanted to give you time to get started for next year. Behold the ultimate DIY Christmas tree:

That’s via lifehacker. It’s a pretty good website, but I’m more into Instructables. You can pretty much figure out how to do anything using that website. Projects range from ultra-complicated to ridiculously easy to just ridiculous. There are also lots of instructables that reveal otherwise obvious truths that many of us haven’t quite gotten yet.

The best example, and one that’s relevant to the beer bottle Christmas tree project, is “How to open a bottle of beer without a bottle opener.” Don’t tell me you’ve never opened a beer using your desk at school, because you have. Well, avoid the risk of ingesting shards of glass and use other objects…such as a water bottle (good to keep hydrated while imbibing, right?)

Climate Change Threatens Beer Production

As if enough of you didn’t already consider global warming to be a serious threat, it turns out climate change will probably have a negative effect on the production of malting barley, a key ingredient of beer providing the tasty hops that make it drinkable, in regions where it’s primarily grown like Australia and New Zealand.

Which means if you want booze in the future you will have to shell out more than you do for this:

Cry about it!

ABC News: Global Warming = Expensive Beer

[EDIT] Comments drop some agrarian knowledge: production of hops used to flavor beer is also threatened by climate change, possibly meaning more money for crappier beer. How’s that for bittering hops? Harrrr.

Fare thee well, O kegs!

It looks like a few of you may have a slightly more sober Spring Fling than intended. P-Safe just dug up two kegs buried under Foss Hill. Much to my dismay, the P-Safe officer on guard declined to pose with them.

The Ultimate Beer Glass

Samuel Adams introduced a beer glass designed specifically to showcase the quality of your beer. I know there are people who really like drinking beer, but this dude frikkin’ looooooooooves his beer:

“It’s a personal passion of mine to develop a beer glass that elevates the craft-beer drinking experience,” Jim Koch, company chairman and founder of the Samuel Adams beer brand, said in a statement. “We wanted to create a glass that offers beer lovers a full sensory experience by fully showcasing Samuel Adams Boston Lager’s complex balance of malt and hop flavors.”

I disapprove based purely on the tip-ability factor. Look at that thing. That’s screaming “SPILL ME ALL OVER YOUR PANTS! DO IT NOW!” Boo, beer-glass designers, boo.