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Interview with Wes Compliments (Thanks!)

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 11.18.00 PM

When Wes Compliments was created a year ago, it was clear that it was set up to spread some good vibes. Amidst the general disgruntled feels on campus that correlated with need-blind financial aid issues, labor service controversies, chalking (?), and the diversity forum (which oddly centered on some dumb acb comments a.k.a. the opposite of Wes Compliments), it was nice to know that Wes people still liked and admired other Wes people (at least when they could express it anonymously on the Internet).

I wanted to meet with the Wes Compliments moderator because I was curious about the person behind such altruism, but ze preferred e-mail to preserve hir’s anonymity. Still cool. With 2,103 Facebook friends and counting, and well over 100 compliments posted, Wes Compliments is still going strong. Here’s a brief interview I had with the moderator of Wes Compliments: