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Operation L.O.L.

Welcome to Operation L.O.L. (Liveblogging in Olin Library). Somewhat on a whim, your faithful Wesleying fanatics Syed and pyrotechnics are liveblogging right fucking now in Olin. This is partially an experiment to see how long it takes the people around us to procrastinate via Wesleying and then notice us at the next table. But we’re not at all scientifically rigorous about it.

Come visit us! Especially if you desire immortal Wesleying fame. We might move around a bit but will mostly be in the main ‘homework’ area with all the lamps. We’ll be here for a while, probably until we start getting hungry and go get dinner. In other words, if you bring us food, you get more liveblogging.

Some frivolous, silly reporting of other people pretending to read books after the jump.